How to keep your audience engaged with the use of Digital Marketing:



Although digital marketing does not necessarily have the best reputation amongst the online audience and consumers, it is still an effective strategy in building a reliable flow of traffic to the website.

The majority of online users try to actively avoid Ads by using tools such as Ad Blockers, definitely not something a digital marketer likes to hear.

The solution for this is inbound marketing and you must always have a digital marketing strategy in place to support the inbound marketing plan you have. In order for your digital marketing strategy to effectively help with improving the long-term inbound marketing plan it ultimately comes down to execution.

Using digital marketing techniques that people feel aren’t intrusive can have a bigger effect than ones that are simply presented to them out of context. For instance email marketing can be highly effective especially if you have a good mailing list where people have actually opted in to receive the emails. This way they don’t find the marketing material intrusive but may even consider them something of value (especially if you are presenting them with some special offer).

Social media marketing is also something that users tend to respond better to, although it does feel more like traditional digital marketing the advantages lie in the fact that they aren’t as disruptive. For instance it isn’t as disruptive as a pop-up appearing when a user is trying to engage in some other content on a webpage, nor is it like the video ads that appear when a user attempts to watch something online. In addition, social media marketing would usually give the look and feel of the platform you are using whether it be instagram or facebook and hence the content doesn’t seem out of place.

Using pay per click advertising services such as Google AdWords can also add value to your overall digital marketing strategy as well as the long-term inbound marketing and SEO plan. Make use of specially designed landing pages that will increase the chances of converting a visitor into a paying customer. A combination of well worded Ads and landing pages with key features such as call to action text and buttons will result in an improved SEM campaign.

With all the above digital marketing strategies what is most important is that you know your audience well and know what they are looking for. This will allow you to speak their language and provide them with tailored solutions that directly address their needs. Knowing who exactly your audience is will let you target the customers that matter and the ones who are looking specifically for the service or product you offer.

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