How to get started with video marketing for your business



The way people are engaging with content continuously changes as web technology improves. With faster internet connections and better file compression, now internet users can engage with quality video content directly from their mobile devices while on the move. As a result video content has the tendency to go viral very quickly.

In addition to being a great way to explain things to people, video content is very easy to consume. Rather than reading through long product descriptions or reviews today’s average customer prefers to watch a video and see the product (or service) in action. This, along with the fact that video is easily accessible and more convenient is few amongst several reasons why video marketing is essential for modern business.

The thought of creating a marketing video, especially the first one for your business can seem to be a complex and costly task, however this isn’t necessarily so. Discussed below are some tips on how you can get started with your first marketing video:

  • Evaluate your resources: Before creating a video or planning out content etc. it’s important to assess the resources that you have available to produce the business marketing video. The topic, team, budget, skills, and time you have will decide if you’re business can afford to invest in creating a high quality animated video or whether you should create basic footage of a person talking/describing your products or services for starters. Some questions to ask yourself are:
    • Do you have an audio & visual production team who have the skillset to film, edit and produce the video (or are you going to do it yourself?)
    • Do you have a budget that’s enough to hire a freelance video producer? Or rent the equipment required to create it?
    • If you are not aware about video editing and production, do you have the time and patience to learn and do it yourself?
  • Identify which stage of your marketing funnel needs improvement: The next thing to do is identify exactly where in your marketing funnel a video can make the most difference. Do you need it to attract customers to your website, inform people about your products and services, convert a customer or convince others (testimonials)?This information is what will help you decide on the goal of your video and what you hope to achieve from it. Then based on this you can determine the topic and content required to achieve this goal.

    For instance:

    • If you need help with lead generation or attracting customers you may want to make a service description or product demo video. Maybe even a ‘What We Do’ video using animations that show how you can create value for your customer.
    • If it’s the conversion stage of your sales funnel that needs improvement you can consider a doing a brief case study video or customer testimonial.
  • Plan and produce: Once you have determined the resources you have available as well the goal and topic of your video the next phase is to plan and produce it. This involves creating a story board that describes each section or aspect of the video. How carefully you plan the video or animation can determine its success. This is especially true because the quality of content created will be decided by what you have in the storyboard.
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