How to deal with negative online reviews:



A negative review or a comment made online can have significant impact on your business reputation. It can result in possible loss of clients, loss in revenue, and can affect potential sales in the future too.

Now that the internet has become the go to place to find anything a person needs, online reviews on products, services and even businesses itself are taken seriously when a potential customer is deciding whether to make a purchase. With the readily available information on both social media and websites, potential customers are more aware of the quality of service available to them and they usually determine this based on other peoples reviews or comments.

In view of the above fact it is essential to look at each negative comment or review written by customers seriously especially since it can provide insight and help develop your service better. It is also equally important to respond appropriately to these types of reviews.

Discussed below are some tips on how to handle negative reviews and maintain your business reputation online:

  • What to do when you get a bad review: Negative reviews online on websites, forums and social media are very common even for large companies with solid reputations. Even if your business has a very good support and customer service team, you can still get bad reviews at times. The first step if you receive a bad review is to carefully read through it and make notes of the complaints being made. Your customer service team can address each of these issues one by one.
  • Understand the comments being made: It is essential that you understand the customers problem what they are saying about your products or services. This can be disheartening, but ask yourself ‘Are these comments true?’ and ‘What steps can our support team take to resolve them?’ Don’t get emotional and be sure to take a professional, rational approach to dealing with them.
  • Respond to the negative reviews immediately: When you see a negative comment on your website or social media make sure you respond to it ASAP. A majority of unhappy clients will give you exact reasons as to why they are unsatisfied with your service or product – this will make it easier for you to work with them and determine the best solution.It’s essential to respond to a negative review even if it’s a simple comment like “We are sorry you have had a bad experience and appreciate your comments. We value our customers and the support team will get in touch with you soon to help resolve your problem”. If you ignore negative reviews or leave them without a response it will give other people the perception that your business doesn’t care about its customers.
  • Ask good clients for positive reviews: After completing successful projects or making a customer happy with your product or service be sure to ask them for their comments. Ask your happy clients to write a review on their experience as this is invaluable to your reputation online. Like negative reviews, positive ones also influence potential customers when they decide on whether to choose your service or product.
  • Don’t make the same mistake again: The most important thing is to learn from both the negative and positive feedback your business receives. Businesses and people can make mistakes, what’s vital is that they learn from these mistakes. Your negative reviews and positive reviews are what help your business provide a better service and build strong customer relationships. Attempt to resolve the issue for the unhappy customer while also making changes so it does not happen again, even to another customer.
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