How to create a good email marketing campaign:



Email marketing campaigns can be a highly effective method to drive traffic through to your website, however not all email marketing campaigns are successful. If you are getting frustrated that your email campaigns have been fruitless don’t worry, you’re not alone – digital marketers everywhere have trouble getting clicks through email and some even just getting people to open them.

Convincing people to click thought to your website via an email can be difficult, but is not something that must be ignored. Email is still considered one of the most cost effective ways to reach customers in a manner that would increase engagement and drive sales. Since email marketing still remains to be one of the most efficient methods of digital marketing, how do you go about creating a good email campaign that works? Discussed below are some tips to help you do just this:

Ask your customers what they want: Your audience will not waste time scrolling through and reading an email that they aren’t interested in. A good idea is to send an initial email to your marketing list asking them what they want, generally a survey. Include a link within your email through to a survey asking a series of simple questions. You can give them an offer in return for completing a survey, such as a discount on selected products or free shipping on your website. These questions will then help you find out more about your audience and further filter your list.

In addition you can also direct a specific question at them, a question that brings to attention a problem they may be facing – this will capture the attention of your reader who will open the email if they answer ‘yes’ to your question. Then within the email, tell them how your business aims to solve this problem and what the solution is.

Using questions and understanding your customer are essential to creating a campaign that works. Include these questions as part of the subject and main heading within the email so that it is the first thing they see, convincing them to read more.

Give them the ‘Special’ treatment: Everyone likes to feel special and appreciated, send your subscribers an email thanking them for their loyalty, give them a special offer code, such as a discount coupon or free shipping. This will provide them with an incentive to click through to your website and make a purchase. Create a feeling of exclusivity within your email, personalise the message to them and make them feel like they are getting such ‘exclusive’ or ‘cool’ offers because they are a subscriber.

Write good content that captures attention: Instead of writing the email body in a robotic monotonous manner, add a bit of life to it. Talk directly to the customer that uses a conversational style. Remember not to have too much text (or too little), it’s important to strike a good balance between text and images. Using moving images or animations can be more effective at capturing the attention of your audience than just a still image.

Make use of the ‘fear of missing out’: The fear of missing out is something real that people go through, the thought of missing out on something can drive a person to do something. Take advantage of this by creating a sense of urgency within your email. An example of this is to run a sale that lasts only a few days create a sense of urgency around it, then on the last day send through a reminder email that highlights the last day of the sale using phrases like ‘buy now before you miss out’

Send real-time automated messages: Responding to customer straightaway shows them that you care and will improve their loyalty and trust with your brand. Set up automated emails that are triggered by certain actions they do on your website, this will give you a context in which to engage with them about while also creating a marketing opportunity for you. You can include call to actions within your triggered email which will entice them to perform another action or make a purchase.

Have clear ‘call to actions’: It’s important to have clear call to actions that will convince a reader to perform an action. Do not leave your readers wondering what to do after they’ve seen your email, you must clearly show them by the use of call to actions. The CTA’s can be in the form of buttons or highlighted text that clearly defines the action. Remember your objective here is to try and get the reader to act on your email.


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