How to Craft a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2019 – Never Stop Optimising



It’s been a crazy year for social media, Facebook, and Google have been releasing a slew of algorithm changes. Instragm has passed the one-billion user mark and with it released a new set of business tools and features. This has left many businesses feeling like they are constantly playing catchup with the latest changes. So, where do you go from here ? 

In this series we are going to give you all you need to know about how to create a winning social media strategy that will help you engage your audience and boost your results despite inevitable algorithm changes and developments in the industry. 

We break this down into 7 easy sections. This final blog will deal with optimising your strategy to keep you growing from strength to strength:

  1. Setting goals 
  2. Research 
  3. What to Measure
  4. Learn from the Competition
  5. Making Great Content
  6. Rising above the algorithm
  7. Optimising 


Find out what is working, what isn’t and why.

If you have read through our previous blogs you will have developed a far better understanding about how to create a social media strategy that will see you on the path to success this 2019. 

However the social media landscape is constantly changing and you will have to learn to adapt if you want to continue to succeed over time. This requires regular attention, it is best practice to frame your campaigns in chunks of time allowing you to easily analyse your efforts while managing your other responsibilities. This way you will be able to better compare the performance of your campaigns and expose trends. 

This is where your good planning and goal setting will help you nail down exactly what kind of content works for you and your audience. But remember, social media is all about authenticity you never want to fall into a predictable pattern. Here are some great tips to keep your content strategy fresh. 

Stay Creative

Don’t be afraid to try different ideas, you may discover something unexpected that really starts to resonate with your audience. Talk to different people to get their input and ideas, creativity rarely happens in a vacuum. 


Ask your audience what they want to see 

Reach out directly to your audience and ask them what they want to see. This is the best way to really understand where you should be focusing and create a stronger connection between you and your people. 


Try different curators

Sometimes it’s great to bring a fresh new feel to your social media. Let go of the reigns and pass on the responsibilities to a new curator. Make sure they understand the lessons you have learnt but let them find their own way. This a great way to inject vitality into your social channels and find standout team members.


Stay Relevant 

In reality a lot of social media is trial and error. You will probably try many different ideas and strategies before you find out exactly what works for your business. Monitor the metrics in real time, this will help you make small tweaks as you grow rather than constantly wiping the slate clean. Keep in mind that the real key to successful marketing is relevance. Stay dynamic day to day and engaged with your audience and network to stay successful over time


Looking for Someone to create you a winning social media marketing strategy?

I hope this has given you a better idea about how to create a winning social media strategy this 2019. If you are looking for someone to help boost your sales through expert digital marketing campaigns that will rise above the competition don’t hesitate to get in contact with us now. 




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