How to Craft a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2019 – Creating Captivating Content


It’s been a crazy year for social media, Facebook, and Google have been releasing a slew of algorithm changes. Instragm has passed the one-billion user mark and with it released a new set of business tools and features. This has left many businesses feeling like they are constantly playing catchup with the latest changes. Where do you go from here ? 

In this article we are going to give you all you need to know about how to create a winning social media strategy that will help you engage your audience and boost your results despite inevitable algorithm changes and developments in the industry. 

We break this down into 7 easy sections. This blog will deal with how to create great content.

  1. Setting goals 
  2. Research 
  3. What to Measure
  4. Learn from the Competition
  5. Making The Right Content
  6. Rising above the algorithm
  7. Optimising 


4. Study The Best

When you are begging to start creating content it can seem confusing, it is common to hear people say  “I just don’t know what works” or “there’s nothing interesting”. If you are stuck for ideas I always recommend starting out with researching your competitors, get a sense of what they are doing, find out who are the leaders. This is a great way to start generating ideas about how you can start sharing your story and promoting your business. The purpose is not to copy but to start gathering ideas and data about what content strategies work and why.

For example, if we take two companies involved in the health food industry we can see how different companies choose to promote themselves and create content in different ways that are equally effective. Honest To Goodness often promotes their activity in the community showing posts of their customers and stalls at local farmers markets. This content gets a really positive reaction from their audience and encourages people to visit their stores in the real world.

Remedy Drinks takes a different approach. They have a highly curated gallery, producing slick eye catching content that features their drinks and creates a real sense of desirability and cool around the brand. They combine this with suggestions and creative recipes that involve their products that their audience always enjoys.

The takeaway here is that there is plenty of inspiration out there, brands have a lot of room to set themselves apart and create something unique. Think about some words that you want associated with your brand and use this to guide your content creation.


5. Making The Right Content

The core of social media marketing strategy is centred around content, which is quite obvious. By this point you should have an idea of what your audiences like to see and some of the content strategies that your competitors employ to create a buzz around their brand. But its import that you understand some content is better than others. People and platforms prioritise certain types of content that reflect their needs. Today, people tend to unfollow brands that post overly promotional content or content that is irrelevant. 

Melbourne music store, Found Sound, share a great variety of content. Their posts are relevant to the music community, the goings on in their store and showcase a great selection of new musical goodies that they stock. This way without spending a fortune they create content that makes you want to physically visit the store and buy products without being overly ‘salesly’.


Video & The Network

In order to get the most out of your platform, its almost a requirement to start generating video content. All social networks in 2019 have started to prioritize video content above all others. Video content is the most viewed and shared content; you can start to explore this through live, long-form or looping videos, there is a multiplicity of options for every budget, industry and style. 

Take advantage of the network. Social media is the best place to create a close relationship between your users and the business. You don’t have to produce the most professional content, just keep it fun and authentic. Find ways through hashtags, challenges and campaigns to start getting your audience to create content for you. Melbourne bar and restaurant, Naked For Satan, utilise their stunning rooftop bar and have subsequently curated an awesome interior that looks great on social media; this  has led to patrons to generate a large amount of content for them. 


6. Rise Above The Algorithm 

The latest round of changes to the Facebook and Instagram algorithms caused a massive stir within social media marketing circles. Essentially, people are worried about whether their audiences are even seeing their content. In essence these changes to the algorithm means that the content people see is just based on their activity. Therefore it is more important than ever to stick the principles of good social media management.


The number 1 principle is good social customer care. Engage with people who engage with you as this builds trust and loyalty within your customer base. Melbourne Organic Food Store Terra Madre is a prime example of this, they have built a dedicated network of customers and regularly engage with them. This way they rise above the algorithm and create a social media channel that keeps people coming back. 


Looking for someone to create a winning social media marketing strategy for you?

I hope this has given you a better idea about how to create better content for your next social media campaign in 2019. Keep you eyes out for our next blog where we summarise how to keep your social media strategy growing from strength to strength. 

If you are looking for someone to help boost your sales through an expert digital marketing campaign – that will rise above the competition – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us now. 



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