How to build a brand that people love:


The branding of a business plays a vital role in what the business hopes to achieve and how the business plans on portraying itself to its potential customers. Think about the biggest brands in the world, they developed such an image that some of them even have a cult like following. So how to these brands achieve such impact amongst their target market? When it comes to branding its important to keep in mind your business brand is like the living essence of what your business is about and the services or products it provides.

Below we discuss some of the important things to consider when building your business brand so it is one that people love and would be loyal to:

Be unique and authentic: Think about what message you want to deliver with your branding, what perception your target audience is to get about your business. Make sure that this message is authentic; try to identify your niche and what makes your business different. Then portray this message in your branding – this includes the colours you use, the logo and even your business name. Your branding has to reflect what your business is about, for instance Apple has a unique branding that makes it different to all the other technology companies. Similarly so does Google and Microsoft, each of which incorporate their own unique message that the branding delivers.

Indentify your target audience and relate to them: For your brand to be loved by your audience they must be able to relate to it. For instance a brand like ‘Nike’ has marketing do so that the company is perceived by both young and old the same way, for its relationship to sport and fitness. They give the perception that you can perform at your best in any sport, while wearing nikes of course. To ensure your brand is specific to your target audience you have to identify and research on the wants and needs of that audience.

Create value for your customers: Starting a brand any one can do, but it takes patience and a lot of hard work to build one that people recognize and love. Most importantly you have to be able to create value for your clients – identify what the pains and problems are of your potential customer base, what they need – then provide them with the solution to it. Once your customers see the value you have to offer they will automatically start flocking to you.

Obtain feedback and make changes: A very important part of building a brand that people love is too conduct research and feedback sessions. Do research, surveys and opinion discussions where you find out people’s opinions on your brand. Obtain feedback from a variety of demographics so you can get perspective from groups of people and this way make improvements that they are more likely to relate to.

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