Getting Customers Using Email Marketing – Part 2: Quality Content & Personalization


Email Marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways for a business to reach and communicate with its potential customers. By carefully planning and executing an online marketing campaign using email newsletters, a company is no doubt increasing its exposure as well as creating opportunities for more business. Over the last two weeks on the Web Choice Online blog we have discussed the important things to consider when designing an email newsletter, as well as information on building the ideal mailing list. Today we will discuss a few other points that need to be considered so as to improve the response to your email newsletters and increase those clicks.

Although you may have a great looking newsletter that is aesthetically pleasing and a good mailing list, this does not necessarily mean that you are likely to get a positive response from your email newsletters. The quality of the content is equally important.


Below are some key points that need to be thought out in regard to this:

    • The Right Content:
      The better your content is and the more relevant it is to the target audience the more effective the marketing campaign. The key to providing good content is to provide your subscribers with things they will find useful. You have to always be asking yourself what is useful to your readers and what information would they like to see?Providing people in your mailing list with information that they are interested in and will find useful is the best way to get people engaged and involved. If people see something that they want, they are more likely to put the effort into reading the content and following up on the information provided.

      To decide on what content you want to include in your email newsletter it is vital to look at the mailing list. If you have built your mailing list carefully and organized them in such a way that you can identify which industry the people work in or what their interests are, then you can create content based on this.

    • Balance Between Promotional Content & Useful Content:
      It is always good not to continuously hammer your mailing list with offers to get sales. Although this may be a hard temptation to resist its always better to provide users with a balance of useful information as well as offers and promotions. This way it keeps them interested in your business and what you have to say, rather than them getting annoyed and unsubscribing. Remember not everyone is after an offer and some find it annoying to when emails are always blatantly after the sale. It is important to match your email content with the requirements of your customer database or mailing list.
    • Personalized Emails & Newsletters:
      Being as personable as possible is always good, acknowledging the people receiving your emails as individuals (by using words like, you, I, us, we rather than the name of your business and a general greeting) as well as responding to their questions will result in a more interested subscriber base. Even including the recipient’s name where possible (in the greeting) can give an added personalized touch.For example when a user subscribes to you mailing list, an automated email personally Thanking them for subscribing and informing them that you are pleased to answer any questions they may have, will have a large positive impact on how your business is viewed in the eyes of the subscribers.
      Ultimately the key to successful email marketing is to have good mailing list that has well filtered, useful and relevant content and a properly organized and aesthetic design.



As you can see all aspects including the actual design of the newsletter, the mailing list that it is sent to as well as the content within the newsletter all have to come together to result in a quality, effective email marketing strategy.

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