Five Tips to Revamping Your Existing Website


Like with most things, first impressions do matter. Just like with any business or shop front, the first impression a customer or client gets upon walking in can be the difference between them buying your product/service or looking elsewhere for it. Having an attractive, user friendly and relevant website is vital to staying ahead of you competitors. If your website is old, looking out dated and your site traffic is declining it may be time to invest in a website overhaul or face-lift so to speak. This week’s blog post covers some key points to consider when updating your old website.

  1. Ease of Use:
    A website that has been designed poorly and is not very user friendly can drive away your customers. Website browsers (customers) that arrive on your site expect to be able to easily navigate through your website between sections and find exactly what they are looking for without any hassle. There are many factors that contribute to a user friendly website, such as site load time and organization of important elements. However one of the most important factors is a good navigation structure. A quality navigation structure that is smooth yet simple will result in an improved user experience keeping customers happy to browse your website.
  2. Website Content:
    Your website content is very important; words can have a major impact on your website conversions. The right website content can persuade customers to purchase your product or service, Inform and update customers, help with user navigation as well as guide search engines when crawling your website and ranking it. Besides having good, clear, well-written content, most of all it is important that the information made available on your website is useful. An attractive banner showcasing your clients or displaying a limited offer will be ideal in engaging visitors to your website. Consider who you target audience is and ensure that your site provides them with what they want to know.
  3. Brand:
    Make sure that your logo is featured prominently on your site as well as using brand colours throughout the design. It is crucial to make sure your users know whose website they are on when they arrive, having a prominent logo and suitable colour scheme helps with this. Your website will then reflect the look and feel of your company. This helps build customer trust and brand recognition.
  4. E-Commerce:
    An online store is an excellent way to launch a retail business. It is also an efficient and cost-effective extension to an existing store. Research shows that a significantly growing number of people are purchasing products via the internet. Make sure you are not missing out on sales and incorporate e-commerce functionality within your website. Don’t miss out on an online store that will overcome geographical limitations, gain new customers, lower costs and can remain open all the time.
  5. Search Engine Optimization:
    An attractive website that is user friendly and has quality content will still be pointless if your customers cannot find it. Make sure to consider SEO during each step of your website re-design, optimizing your site for keywords relevant to your business will improve your search engine rankings and thus make it more likely for your site to be found. It is important to follow the Google Quality Guidelines for web design, this way your website while being developed will already be designed in a way that is optimized

Keeping The Good:
When revamping your existing site it is essential to take into account the positive aspects of your old site. Your existing website may have assets that you have built up, such as great content, keywords you rank well for, inbound links to pages etc. It is important to identify these assets and protect them during your redesign, so as to incorporate them in the update and retain any positive elements from your old site.

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