FinRay Financial Services Website Development – Case Study


FinRay Financial Services is a financial services business that operates out of Melbourne. The owner Satheesh contacted us with regard to setting up an online presence for the business. As a fairly new company, FinRay did not have any sort of online presence except for the facebook page.

As a small business that is making its first appearance online we had to speak to Satheesh and learn more about what they hope to achieve from their website. Since FinRay does not have an existing site to refer to in order to understand what sort of traffic they have and what information they currently provide the first meeting was vital to laying out the scope of the project.

Upon going into the FinRay offices, speaking to their owner and marketing manager we were able to fully understand the requirements for the project. Upon investigation we came to realize that FinRay required a standard business website with a few additional features. The standard website will need to be one customer’s can visit to learn more about the business and the services they provide as well as send through contact requests and inquiries. In addition to those features, the FinRay team also wanted to have the ability to make blog posts as and when they please. They also wanted a page presenting a variety of financial calculators that customers could use, these calculators are plugin codes that have to be added to the webpage. Since the only social media presence that FinRay had was the facebook page, it would be necessary to set-up a Google My Business account which includes a Google places listing and a Google plus page.

Based on the requirements provided to us we noted that a CMS will also need to be implemented into the website. This is so that FinRay has complete control over the content on the website and can make blog posts as they require.

Our analysts then prepared requirements specification that details the design and functional requirements of the website. This specification document was then used by our design team to prepare the first concept. Once we received approval on designs, our development team was given the green light to start.
Upon completion of the website, we conducted thorough testing and made necessary updates prior to launch.

The website can be viewed at –

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