Features Every Website Inside Page & Contact Page Should Have



Last week we discussed 17 must have features for a business website home page. In addition to the home page the other important pages are the contact us page and the inside pages that have the general content.

Below we discuss some of the essential features that should be included as part of the inside pages and contact pages:

Header:  The header area generally contains the Logo, Phone Number, Call to Action button and navigation menu is something that usually remains constant on all pages of a website. As this is part of the website core structure. So this part of the inside pages and contact page will need the same features mentioned for the header section within the previous post.

Content Area:

  • Banner or Slider Image: Depending on the style of the inside page it may have a slider that switches between banners or a static banner that is an image relevant to the topic of the page.
  • Main Page Heading: Similar to what was described previously; this will be the main heading of the page that describes the content of the page. You can use keywords (relevant to the content) as part of the heading as it contributes towards SEO.
  • Quality Content: Once again depending on the type of inside page the way the content presented here can vary. It is always good to include a combination of images and text and to always structure the content in an easy to read, eye catching manner. Making use of nice fonts, bullet points and divided page sections is a great way to organize content. (An example of such inside pages are be an ‘About Us’ page or ‘Service’ page)In Some cases you can even include a dedicated FAQ page or FAQ section within an inside page that addresses commonly asked questions about your business, product or service.

Contact Us Page Features:

The contact us page although similar to inside pages will usually not have much text or image content about the business. But instead this page will be focused on communication between visitors to the website and your business.

So it is very important to include a simple contact form that visitors can fill out and submit to request quotes or information about something. These forms must never be made to include several fields or request too much personal info (having just the Name, Email, and Phone fields is mostly enough).

Another feature of the contact page is to include the business email, fax, address and social media links prominently displayed on the page.

Including a captcha is also very useful as it can help prevent spam emails you receive by online spam bots.

Footer Area: Once again like the header, this is a part of the website that will remain constant regardless of the page you are on. Hence it will have the same features as what was described for the footer section in the previous post about features for every website home page.

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