Do I Really Need A Website? Ask These Questions Before You Decide:


You may have spent a lot of money developing a website for your business sometime back, but now you feel the need has arisen for a revamp of your website as you think the current design looks old and out dated. It is important to ask some of the following questions before you consider a re-design of your existing website as it can assist you in developing a website that not only improves your marketing but can generate new customers. Especially since a new website can mean additional costs it is important to know exactly what your business is to gain out of the re-design, the following questions can help you gauge that:

  1. Why do you think you need a re-design? – The first question is to ask yourself what factors have triggered you to even consider a re-design of your existing website in the first place. Was it a simple need to revamp design and aesthetic appeal, did you want to add new features or services for your customers, maybe venture into e-commerce and online sales or even just improve brand recognition. Asking yourself this question is the first step in laying out the business objectives your website hopes to achieve.
  2. Do you know your ideal customer? – This is the next question to be asked, who is your ideal customer, what are their demographics. Things like age group, location, interests, gender, online presence etc. are all important details to learn about your target customer. Identify exactly who your target customer base is, analyse their habits online and how they search for the service or product you provide. Being aware of exactly what your ideal customer profile is will help you tailor a website that is suited to that target market. Tailoring your website to your ideal customer will improve leads and sales generated online, as you know exactly what information to provide to them and how.
  3. Do you know where they hangout? – By knowing where they (your customers) hangout, we mean in terms of online presence. In today’s world most online users are very active on various social platforms, from basic social media sites like facebook and twitter, to more specific forums that relate to a user’s interests, this can be things like reddit threads or online blogs. Knowing how and where your customers spend most of their time online is a key factor in knowing exactly how to market your product or service to them. This provides you with valuable insight into how to build your website or upgrade it so it caters specifically to your ideal customer. You can even integrate features from their favourite hangout spots (like facebook) into your website so they can like and share details of your business with ease. In addition to this certain platforms like facebook provide you with online advertising options to promote your business page, using this you can market pay per click ads to a very specific target customer using a variety demographic filters provided by facebook.
  4. Have you done anything to promote your site to your customer? – Having a good, high quality business website is one thing, but promoting it is a whole other ball game. There is no point in having a good looking website with all the necessary features your customers’ need, if no one knows about it. Usually when building a business website it is always a good idea to incorporate a digital marketing strategy to go along with it. If you decide to get your website done through a professional web design agency then they will generally provide you with an all in one package for the development, launch and marketing of your website. Good digital marketing agencies don’t just stop at building a quality website, but they also help promote it and generate the traffic you need. After the launch of your website, marketing is integral to its success – this means using techniques such as SEO, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and even email marketing to generate traffic.

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