How your low ad budget can make a lot of conversions and how digital marketing strategy helps


The term “marketing” is now digitised! And playing the winning game is a lot different in the digital space. Your budget investment is needed. But it cannot kick the winning goal like it did in traditional marketing. So the gist is, your budget doesn’t really matter when it comes to digital marketing. So what does matter? Behold the MVP in digital marketing, the Digital Marketing Strategy! Let’s discuss more.

No high grounds, no low grounds.

the power of digital marketing strategy

If you ever ask me what digital marketing is, I would say it is the smart era of marketing that your talent makes the impact, not your investment. There are low performing business moguls out there, and there are high performing startups too. So doesn’t that mean you have finally hit equal ground to compete with any and all your competitors? YES! It Does!! It doesn’t matter if you read this as a big-scale brand or a struggling business. The future of both of them lies with the digital marketing strategy they use.

Money, money, money? No!

Let’s say you are a Wheat farmer. And you are ready to harvest. Now picture these scenarios 

1. You have excessive amounts of fuel for the harvester with a newbie, inexperienced operator. 

2. You just have enough amount of fuel, but your operator is skilful and knows how to get the harvesting done using what you have.

Which one would have a satisfactory ending to that day? I know your answer. No need to say.

it's the digital marketing strategy that matters. Not the budget.

This is exactly how it goes in digital marketing. You can burn money all you want and your ads will run forever. But without the right digital marketing strategy, you won’t get a good ROI at all.

Digital Marketing Strategy rules!

We are dealing with an audience who are investigative and judgemental of your product/service and the brand before they decide to purchase. So it’s not the number of impressions that matters. It’s what you are telling them. How you convince them. That’s what digital marketing strategy simply means. To study the audience, carefully craft the content and creatives, finding the ideal day to roll out, the ideal time of the day, performing SEO… and many things like this forms the right digital marketing strategy. When you get it right, you experience high success at the lowest cost.

digital marketing strategy specialist

Keep it in balance.

Just because we said digital marketing strategy is everything. Don’t go ahead and lower your ad budgets yet. Yes, you can reduce it, but we won’t recommend doing it all by yourself. doing a digital marketing campaign is a form of art. You have to keep things in balance and use just the right amount of everything. Make sure you handle your digital marketing campaigns with the consultation of a digital marketing specialist. They know how to do it and they will make it happen to your business, the right way.

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