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Mobile devices have changed significantly over the past decade from a standard phone to make calls and send SMSs, now we have ‘smart’ phones that are pretty much hand held computers you can use to do relatively anything. The modern day mobile device is now the go to device amongst many users, especially when it comes to browsing the web. The advantage of portability to use it anywhere at any time makes it easier for users to browse the web, whether it is reading articles, checking social media or even shopping online all conveniently while on the move.

As a result, businesses had to acknowledge this popular trend and provide their website visitors with content and design optimized for the mobile device. Having a responsive website design is now considered an essential part of creating an online business presence as it provides a competitive advantage over the businesses that don’t cater to this need.

An important part of responsive and mobile friendly websites is User Experience also known as the ‘UX’. When you design your business website its vital that you take the steps to build a user experience that is optimized for all devices. Tell your designers that you require a website that can accommodate a multi-screen experience that is seamless and easy to use. Discussed below are some important things to consider when it comes to responsive website UX:

Simple Navigation: Mobile screens aren’t large and trying to scroll through a long navigation menu can result in users accidentally clicking through to links they don’t want to see. Stuffing your website menu with a large number of links is bad for business, it can make browsing the website frustrating for the mobile user. When you build your navigation menu take the time to simplify it and break it down to the important pages. You can change the number of items on the menu depending on the device it’s being viewed on: maybe display additional links along the bottom of a page on smaller screen devices.

Prominent CTA’s that are easy to find: The main ‘call to actions’ on your website need to be easily visible for mobile users. The call to action is the action you would like your potential customer to perform when on your website. The main one amongst these must be highlighted and made clearly visible on the mobile site. Displaying the main CTA’s along the top of the screen (or as a fixed button that doesn’t scroll along the bottom) keeps them easily visible and ensures a visitor sees it straight away. (Checkout last week’s blog on Call to Actions that convert for more information on good call to actions to use on a website)

Include a ‘Click to Call’ button: The main function of a mobile device throughout its lifetime has always been to make calls. Believe it or not, people still use this feature! So it’s always a good idea to include a ‘Click to call’ button along the top that will allow a website visitor to simply click the button and initiate a phone call to your listed business number. This is very useful for mobile users since they are more likely to directly contact the business if they need more information immediately or have an unanswered question about your product or service.  Including such a feature is an essential part of mobile user experience.

Shorter Contact Forms: Build shorter contact forms for mobile users to complete – it’s important to understand how much data you really need to capture and minimizing the number of fields a visitor has to complete in order to submit a form. If you have too many fields a visitor can drop out as a result especially on a mobile device. Ask for minimal important information such as Name, email and phone. Keep the form short so the experience is easy and convenient for the visitor. (This applies to not just contact forms but any forms on a mobile device)

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