Nacap, part of the international company Quanta services is a major pipeline company that undertakes operations all across Australia. Web Choice Online built a mobile and desktop application that allowed Nacap to better educate and manage their thousands of employees and improve their ability to conduct site inspections and manage large projects from remote locations.


iOS & Android Mobile Application

Offline Application Ability

Automatic Synchronised Database

Online Induction & Testing

Hazard Image Capturing

Site Reporting Capability

Video Education & Testing


Web Choice Online was able to build an application for Nacap that significantly improved their ability to manage their thousands of employees, making the companies operations more efficient allowing them to commence, manage and complete projects quicker at a higher volume.

Nacap staff often have to work in remote areas, conduct regular site inspections, report on hazards and their clean up procedures. The Nacap app allows for easy reporting through image capturing and a simple form procedure which workers can fill out and send back to management. The App will function offline and store data on the phone in remote areas while the Automatic Synchronised Database feature will, when reconnected to Wi-Fi automatically sendoff important information. As a result Nacap staff are more independent and can use their own initiative, making the company more agile and putting less pressure on management who can focus on more important decisions.

Keeping detailed records of their processes was also very important to Nacap, the app now plays a big part in ensuring that the correct procedures are followed and appropriate records are kept and is a crucial tool in their project management toolkit.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to develop a software application that could allow Nacap to better manage, induct and educate their thousands of employees, many of whom work in remote areas and comply with strict safety and regulation rules around site maintenance and hazard disposal.

The solution

Our solution was to create a mobile application that could be downloaded by each employee that could be accessed online and offline that allowed Nacap to pass important material onto employees who could then undertake inductions and educate themselves on important processes and regulations without the need to gather at a centralised location making Nacap’s processes far more efficient.

We developed an effective video testing feature within the app that takes people through the required safety and regulatory tests and ensured they understood the material through testing. Upon completion this is sent to management.

We also developed a comprehensive system that enabled people to more efficiently manage site inspections and deal with hazards. People are able to follow a simple series of questions and take photos which are recorded and sent to management. People then are directed how to deal with the hazard and can follow another simple checklist recording the proper disposal and handling of these materials.


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