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Muscle Peptide Australia is a Melbourne pharmaceutical company that aims to help people through close consultation with doctors to achieve their aesthetic, performance and health goals in order to realise their full potential. Web Choice Online undertook a complete User Experience ( UX) & User Interface ( UI ) overhaul in order to fix performance problems such as slow load speeds, tricky sign up forms and abandoned carts with the intention of boosting sales. We also created a targeted digital marketing campaign to help promote Muscle Peptide Australia in accordance with strict industry marketing regulations.



We fixed the website performance problems such as slow load speed and cleaned the backend code enabling smooth functionality. We also conducted in depth user research, interviews and installed a Facebook chat bot onto the website in order to get live feedback about problems and customer needs. Using this data we were able to craft a frictionless sign up form allowing customers to simply navigate the verification process. We redesigned the product navigation and galleries allowing customers to easily find and select products and quickly purchase them using the latest online payment systems. When users abandoned their carts before completing a purchase our email follow-up feature brought many customers back to the site in order to finish their purchase. Through our website performance and UX / UI overhaul we achieved significant sales growth generating a 50% increase in sales per month.


Increased sales by

per month


Reduced abandoned carts by


Increased page views by


Social Post engagement increase by


Through our user research we found that many people found it frustrating to complete a lengthy verification and sign up process this resulted in many people leaving the form uncompleted unable to gain access to products. When people did gain access we found they had trouble finding and selecting products that were right for their needs, coupled with slow loading times and transaction fees during payment, this was resulting in high drop off rates and many people abandoning their carts. The client was spending over $5000 per month on digital marketing and generating a lot of traffic but these issues were preventing them seeing real value for their money.



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UX / UI Overhaul

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User Research

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UX Product Galleries



Using the findings from our research and listening to what customers needed, we identified the major areas that would improve the user experience and generate high return for the business. Initially we transferred website to an optimised and secure server, reduced image sizes and re wrote and simplified the code base enabling smooth website functionality.

We fixed the sign up form through a new cascading and accordion interface design enabling easy completion, also we highlighted required fields and pointed out uncompleted field errors allowing the user to quickly identify and complete the sign up.

We crafted a curated UX product gallery that limited the amount of products displayed to people. We showed product to customer based on their interests, goals and needs this significantly reduced the cognitive load meaning that people could easily find and purchase products relevant to their wants.

In order to reduce abandoned carts we removed the transaction fees and integrated these into the product prices. We also built an email feature that notified customers automatically when the left their purchase incomplete encouraging them to complete the process. We observed a direct correlation between these changes and a reduction in abandoned carts resulting in the increase of sales revenue by 50% per month.


Upon completing this website overhaul we engaged in the creation of a new targeted digital marketing campaign to raise awareness around the Muscle Peptide Australia brand.

We faced challenges in the form of strict industry marketing limitations meaning that we could not use certain words or directly promote products.

We solved this through crafting a campaign around our target market values such as hard work, goal focus and achieving their full potential. We produced quality social media content and created google ad words, email campaigns and offerings that significantly boosted engagement and awareness of the Muscle Peptide Australia brand.

Resulting in the measured 149% increase of web page views and 948% increase in social post engagement.


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