Mr Windscreen


Mr Windscreen is a Melbourne based window repair and service company. They offer expert windscreen and vehicle window repair services to consumer and commercial vehicles and pride themselves on exceptional customer service. We delivered a responsive website that solved their primary problem, this being to an overwhelming amount of spam inquiries. Our redesign reduced these to nil and enabled legitimate customers to make better-informed decisions. This along with highlighting primary target market areas we were able to increase traffic and client commitment by over 500%.


User Friendly Design

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


We achieved several significant results with this project. These were directed at reducing the current business and user problems and facilitating business growth. Through redesigning the quote inquiry page to allow for a more accurate inquiry we were able to reduce spam inquiries to 0 and were able as a result to increase legitimate leads by 500%. Through our comprehensive SEO strategy, we were also able to achieve a number 1 ranking across many key business search phrases. This had a significant impact on the business due to Google being a primary and trusted customer search tool within their industry.


Google Ranking


More Leads


Spam Inquires

The Challenge

Our challenge was to produce a responsive cross-platform website that better communicated Mr Windscreens business, reduced their current business pains and aided in increasing client leads. Major problems were that many inquiries were not relevant to the business service and that their website was not showing up on google searches. They also wished to specifically target agricultural vehicles.

The solution

The first part of our solution was to deliver a site that was mobile responsive but also worked across browsers and multiple platforms. We reduced span inquiries through clear copy outlining their service and directed people logically to our redesigned quote inquiry forms. These forms were designed to help people hone in on common problems that Mr Windscreen serviced saving both user and the business valuable time. We developed 3 pages targeting major market sectors, these being car, truck and agricultural vehicles allowing user to eliminate unnecessary information and identify a solution suited to their needs quickly

The process

We worked closely from the beginning with Mr Windscreen to establish an idea of their business and their goals going into the future. We formulated questions that helped us understand their user while uncovering important behaviour, needs, goals and pains. We then used this data to build a solution that addressed the primary pains and needs of each user. We used iterative testing to smooth out any issues with the interface, content and flow to arrive at a final prototype. We rely on Agile iterative testing loops,( ideate, build, test, iterate ) in order to arrive at the best outcome.


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