Goat House


Goat House is a Melbourne restaurant in the heart of Elsternwick that serves over 250 heads per night. We delivered a website and a new booking function that lived up to its family-friendly and community-oriented aesthetic with a simple, frictionless user interface that streamlined the booking process, reduced costs and competitive pressures associated with the previous system.


User Friendly Design

Booking Management System

Web Application

SEO & Automated Marketing Campaign


As a result of this project, we saw traffic to Goat houses’ website increase by over a measured 120%. By implementing our booking system and web application Goat house was able to better manage restaurant bookings and reduce costs associated with their previous systems, such as pay per booking and monthly fees. We also resolved pains such as the skimming of their customers’ data and promotion of competitors. Once implemented we saw a 30% increase in bookings over a 3 month period. As a result of these improvements, Goat house was able to generate a 40% increase in revenue.


More Bookings


More Traffic


More Revenue

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide Goat house with a new website that allowed customers to engage with the look and feel of the establishment while also being able to easily identify menu items, location, opening times, events and make bookings. We also had to find a way to resolve the issues with their current booking system. This system was confusing and came with many pains such as double charging, pay per booking and the skimming of data that was used to promote competitors to their customers. We also had to provide a way to promote Goat house in order to increase the number of customers and bookings.

The solution

We solved this through producing a website that communicated the look and feel of the venue, focusing on family scenes and building the sense of community through highlighting community events. The content is broken up into digestible sections with clear calls to action and easy to read copy. The menu featured directly in the nav and items are arranged by time of day. These menus can be collapsed allowing users to simply identify the time which they wish to visit and associated menu and eliminate unnecessary information in order to make easier choices.

Our booking management system allows for complete control by the client. they can edit menus, arrange tables, set times, manage numbers and process any special recommendations. Users have a clear call to action and fill out a short form, both client and customer are then notified. The client can address any problems with the booking personally with the customer. Customers are also prompted with a reminder as their booking approaches. 12hrs after the booking the customer is asked for a short review.

We promoted Goathouse’s website and business through a comprehensive SEO strategy, delivering content that not only built brand trust and awareness but delivered value to users. This was accompanied with a social media strategy that built awareness of Goathouse by featuring spectacular food, family atmosphere and built a following through the promotion of special events and community involvement.

The process

We worked closely from the beginning with Goat house to establish an idea of their business and their goals going into the future. We then spent time observing how people and staff behaved in the restaurant, then going on to interview people about particular questions. We established 3 users types each with their own behavior, needs, goals, and pains. We then used this data to build a user interface that addressed the primary pains and needs of each user. We used iterative testing to smooth out any issues with the interface, content, and flow to arrive at a final prototype. We rely on Agile iterative testing loops,( ideate, build, test, iterate ) in order to arrive at the best outcome.


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