Five Key Elements to consider when signing up for web hosting services:

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2013-07-08

Web hosting is one of the important aspects of creating and launching a website or an online shopping store. Web Hosting can be described as rented space on a computer (also known as a ‘Server’) where all the data that makes up a website is stored. This data is then made available to the online community by the server that stores it. When choosing a web hosting service there are some essential points that must be considered

Is Your Website Multi-Screen Friendly?

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2013-07-02

Internet connectivity is no longer limited to just your laptop or PC. With the continuous advancement in technology and hardware, people can now be perpetually “connected”. The appearance of smartphones and tablets has made it possible for people to access their favourite websites on the go. The increase in the usage of these other screens has made it evident that the cross-platform compatibility of your website with these other devices is vital. So it’s time to ask yourself the big question, “Is your website accessible to the growing number of users on these other devices?”