Does your restaurant or pub need a website or just a facebook page will do?

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2015-10-15

Many businesses have seen the large number of users on facebook as a great opportunity to create awareness and market their business via the social media platform. The use of social media to create an online presence is especially common amongst businesses in the hospitality industry such as cafés, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. A facebook page can allow such a business to post about various events, new menu items, pictures of food and drinks, special offers and even directly communicate with their customers. Although there are indeed many positives in having such a business facebook page, a common misconception is that this alone will be sufficient to act as the online presence for your restaurant or pub. Yes, a facebook page can be a convenient way to communicate with customers and obtain instantaneous feedback that can help improve your business; however there are things a facebook page cannot do that a website can....

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Website

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2015-07-06

Every business needs to have an online presence, no matter what industry you’re in. Since we’re living in the digital age, the web is now part of our everyday lives, so if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on thousands of potential customers knowing about your business. It’s specifically important for a restaurant to have an online presence since many go online to find local restaurants and eateries. Here’s five reasons why your place needs a website:

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Website

  1. Promote Your Brand
  2. People Can See Your Menu
  3. Attractive Photos Are Appealing
  4. Convenience
  5. Book A Table Options

Australian Small Businesses are falling behind Online

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2015-02-25

In a research conducted by Australian Bureau of Statistics, shows that among businesses comprising of 0-4 people, only 36% of the businesses have an online presence.

Google Advertising Works

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2015-02-18

Major advantage of Google Adwords is that, it is quick and you do not have to wait until Google awards your SEO work to get you on the top. The advertised business or website will automatically come to the top as soon as a Google Adwords campaign is started.

Increase your Online Sales with Free Shipping

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2015-02-11

Customers are being attracted and pushed to purchase more from online retailers by providing them with attractive discounts and at times, free shipping too! However, it has been found that customers actually end up shopping more when are tempted with free shipping.

Why content marketing is important?

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2015-02-05

Research suggests that by 2020, 85% of potential customers will have an online customer experience before they make contact with a representative. It is therefore essential that businesses facilitate their client’s needs efficiently in the online space.

Content Marketing forms an integral part of every business as it is a deciding factor in how vastly people know about a business and how much they would prefer a particular business.

You could be missing a serious business building opportunity

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2014-12-17

Social media has become an important path to purchase goods and services. Unignorable 30% of social media users now research products and services through thire social media networks and the number is growing everyday. Of those 30% massive 63% say their last search resulted in a purchase.

Why a CRM is very important for a small business?

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2014-11-12

CRM’s or Customer Relationship Management systems can be extremely valuable to a small business when it is used to tackle some common problems faced by them. Sometimes as a small business owner you can miss the value of a good CRM when you are focusing on the initial investment required to purchase it. Almost all businesses make use of email as communication channel and even make use of email marketing to an extent; the power of the CRM can give businesses a more organized and integrated idea of their business, customer relations and interactions. Below we discuss why a CRM is vital to a small business and how it can help improve customer interactions and maintain a more streamlined business model:

The Importance of support for your business technology services

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2014-11-03

Support is a very important aspect to consider when choosing your technology service providers. Whether it be cloud services, web hosting, email hosting, network services or even a website design it is important to be able to get quick and reliable support.

What is a Landing Page? How to create the ideal one to generate leads & sales.

By Shan Bala Posted Date: 2014-10-27

A landing page in terms of marketing is a page that has a specific offer or specific information regarding a product or service. Landing pages are primarily designed with an end goal of capturing visitors’ information and acts as a lead generation tool which can bring high quality relevant leads direct to your sales department. Landing pages, if used in conjunction with a good marketing campaign can be an excellent tool mainly because it has specific information only relevant to your Ad (campaign) and has a clear ‘Call to Action” (usually a single bright button or line of text that triggers a visitor to act). Your business marketing team can redirect visitors from various online campaigns such as email marketing, pay-per-click ads, blog posts and such to the landing page which will be designed specifically to convert them.