17 Features Every Business Website Home Page Must Have

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2016-05-09

Must Have Feature of Website Home Page

Websites are essential for businesses of all sizes, especially in today’s technology driven world. Although this may be the case, a large percentage of businesses don’t have an online presence, and a majority of the ones that do, don’t have the important components and features every website should have.  

In addition to the general design look and feel of the website, there are many other features that must be included to improve the success and effectiveness of a small business website. Some pointers are given below with regard to the website homepage and the important features that it should have...

Our Website Pricing and Quoting Process

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2016-04-05

Website Quoting and Pricing

At Web Choice Online our main focus is to always provide our customers with comprehensive business solutions that incorporate web technologies. We don’t just simply build a website, but rather set up an online business, an avenue through which you can achieve your business goals and create better business opportunities while finding solutions to problems you face online.

We first take the time to understand both our clients and our clients’ businesses thoroughly. We look at your day to day operations and processes as well as your business mantra and vision. Making the effort to get to know you and your business helps us align the solutions we provide with what you hope to achieve for your business in the long term...

How much does a business website cost and how do you justify its value?

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2016-03-18

Website Cost vs. Value

When it comes to the point of setting up a website for your business it can sometimes be a challenging task to decide on what your website should be like and how much money its worth spending on building one. One of the biggest concerns that business owners have is about the cost, some find it difficult to assign a worth to it while others think a website is an unnecessary expense. So as a business owner how do you go about realizing the worth of your website and justifying the cost of building one?

The first step would be to understand exactly why your business needs a website as well as look at what problems a website may help alleviate within your business. The website is not just a place for people to get information about your business online, but it can be the hidden solution to hurdles your business may have been facing...

Freelance Web Developers or Web Design Agencies?

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2016-03-08

Web Design Agency or Freelance Developer

It is an undeniable fact that every business needs a website at some point or the other. The website plays a vital role in marketing your business online and getting your product or brand out there. The first step in building the website for your business would be to decide on who you want to contract to get the work done. When it comes to website design generally you have the choice of going with a freelancer or hiring a professional web design agency, below we discuss the differences between both and why in most business cases a web design agency tends to be the better choice.

A freelancer is someone who has a certain skill set, in this case web development and is usually self-employed but doesn’t have an official company or business. They can have a handful of clients and in most cases freelancers are final year students or recent university graduates. Almost all web developers would have been a freelancer at some stage. One of the main benefits of using a freelancer is the cost; they can be a lot cheaper than a professional web design agency.

That being said cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better...

How to choose the ideal Web Design Agency for your next project

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2016-01-29

A website plays a very important role in marketing your business online. Whether you are launching a new product, brand or company you need to seriously consider how you plan on representing your business online as well as how this can contribute to a better customer base and improved sales.

Ideal web design agency

Choosing the right web design agency can be a daunting task, especially with the number of options out there all promising different things. So how do you go about deciding on which web design agency to go with? – listed below are some of the key points to consider when choosing your web design company...

Why outsourcing your Business website design overseas is a bad idea

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2016-01-20

Why outsourcing is a bad idea

For a lot of businesses today the internet is one of the main communication platforms with customers, this is especially true if your business is a web-focused company (such as an e-commerce site). A company’s business website can act as the sales force, storefront and customer support system. Realizing the strategic importance of a good business website and how it can play an important role in your overall business model is one of the reasons why outsourcing your design overseas (where you have little or no control over it) is a bad idea.

The Importance of Good Content Writing for your Business Website

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2015-12-01

When a potential customer searches for a product or service online the first interaction they usually have with your business is the website. The value of ‘first impressions’ is something that most companies understand, for instance when selecting a candidate for the position of front desk staff, qualities such as excellent communication skills, being well presented, friendly and professional are some of the things that will be looked at. This is because the front desk is generally the first point of contact when potential customers walk into your offices. Similarly your business website is the initial point of interaction for online customers and will give them their first impressions about your business.

Like how careful attention is paid when selecting your company’s front desk staff, it is important to pay as much or more attention to what your website is telling potential customers about your business. Your website, being the first interaction for potential customers is something that will voice your company values, profile and the services you provide giving customers an idea of the manner in which you conduct your business. This can be the deciding factor that influences a potential customer to read more and proceed to contact you or simply close the website and look elsewhere for the product or service. This is why the content of your website must be carefully thought out and planned so as to create a lasting impression on the visitors...

The Importance of Good Photography for your Restaurant or Pubs Website

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2015-11-19

In todays connected world it is absolutely necessary for any small business to market themselves online. There are a variety of methods to market your business online, some of which include setting up a business website, creating a social media presence on sites like facebook and instagram, and even sending out email marketing campaigns. One thing that all these online marketing techniques have in common is that they must be very attractive. An important contributing factor to the attractiveness of your restaurant website is having exceptionally good photographs and images.

As a restaurant owner, photography is one of the best marketing tools available to you, being able to show your customers the food you have on offer with the use of detailed mouth-watering images can directly impact how they perceive your restaurants ambiance, service, and quality of food...

Does your restaurant or pub need a website or just a facebook page will do?

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2015-10-15

Many businesses have seen the large number of users on facebook as a great opportunity to create awareness and market their business via the social media platform. The use of social media to create an online presence is especially common amongst businesses in the hospitality industry such as cafés, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. A facebook page can allow such a business to post about various events, new menu items, pictures of food and drinks, special offers and even directly communicate with their customers. Although there are indeed many positives in having such a business facebook page, a common misconception is that this alone will be sufficient to act as the online presence for your restaurant or pub. Yes, a facebook page can be a convenient way to communicate with customers and obtain instantaneous feedback that can help improve your business; however there are things a facebook page cannot do that a website can....

What is a Landing Page? How to create the ideal one to generate leads & sales.

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-10-27

A landing page in terms of marketing is a page that has a specific offer or specific information regarding a product or service. Landing pages are primarily designed with an end goal of capturing visitors’ information and acts as a lead generation tool which can bring high quality relevant leads direct to your sales department. Landing pages, if used in conjunction with a good marketing campaign can be an excellent tool mainly because it has specific information only relevant to your Ad (campaign) and has a clear ‘Call to Action” (usually a single bright button or line of text that triggers a visitor to act). Your business marketing team can redirect visitors from various online campaigns such as email marketing, pay-per-click ads, blog posts and such to the landing page which will be designed specifically to convert them.