What is a Landing Page? How to create the ideal one to generate leads & sales.

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-10-27

A landing page in terms of marketing is a page that has a specific offer or specific information regarding a product or service. Landing pages are primarily designed with an end goal of capturing visitors’ information and acts as a lead generation tool which can bring high quality relevant leads direct to your sales department. Landing pages, if used in conjunction with a good marketing campaign can be an excellent tool mainly because it has specific information only relevant to your Ad (campaign) and has a clear ‘Call to Action” (usually a single bright button or line of text that triggers a visitor to act). Your business marketing team can redirect visitors from various online campaigns such as email marketing, pay-per-click ads, blog posts and such to the landing page which will be designed specifically to convert them.

What Is Facebook's New Atlas Ad Server? Could This Be The Way To Market Your Business?

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-10-16

Looks like Google the current king of the online advertising space is going to be facing some tough competition with facebook lunching its new Atlas Ad Server. Facebook calls it ‘people based marketing’ which makes use of their large customer base of 1.3 billion users to target and serve Ads specific to a person’s interests and the device they use. Facebook acquired Atlas from Microsoft back in 2013 and has since revamped Atlas, filling it with the vast knowledge base it has on its 1.3 billion users.

What is Facebook Safety Check?

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-10-16

Nowadays people use facebook to keep in touch with their loved ones and it’s getting popular day by day.  Facebook has identified this and came up with a soloution to notify your loved once that you are safe in times of disaster or crisis.

What you need to start an online business – the core requirements:

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-10-07

With the number of consumers shopping online increasing significantly on a daily basis, it is very important as a business owner to start selling your product online and get in on the action. Regardless of whether you already have an existing product currently sold at brick & mortar stores or whether you are introducing a new product, it is a good idea to create an online store.

Selling your product online can help your business grow significantly especially since your market reach is beyond just the people walking into a local store; it can be the whole country or even global. In addition to providing a greater reach and wider customer base, an online store has many other advantages too. Another such example is lowered operating costs providing you with a rent free store requiring less maintenance and employee hours to manage. Selling online can also allow you to provide more competitive pricing because your overhead costs are less, products can be stored at a single warehouse and simply shipped out to a customer as orders are placed.

Setting up an online business can be relatively easy, but there are a number of things that are required to get started. Below is an outline of the things you need to open an e-commerce store and start an online business...