Protecting Yourself on Facebook: Some useful tips to online safety

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2013-09-25

Facebook is the largest social networking site today and has over half a billion users all sharing their personal information (like messages, interests, photos and videos). Being a communication channel with so much online data flow, it is prone to an assortment of cyber-attacks. Ever since Facebook’s boom in popularity and increase in users, there have been a number of instances where people have lost money or even their careers as result of bad online security and privacy. Like with any online communication channel, security is always an issue and the possibility of personal information being exploited is present. The key to protecting your self is knowing how you can fall victim to these malicious attacks and understanding the security features available to you. Some possible attacks and useful tips to protecting yourself are outlined below. Privacy and Security are always a major concern with regard to all online services.

The Importance of Writing Your Website Content

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2013-09-18

A Business Website is usually the first point of interaction for a prospective client or customer. It is uncommon for a business or corporation to underestimate the importance & value of brilliant ‘First Impressions’. For instance when a company goes looking for front desk staff or a new secretary, they consistently ask for two qualities - must be well-presented & must have excellent communication skills. In addition to these must have requirements they also usually list traits like ‘friendly, professional, and experienced’. When selecting a candidate for such a position these qualities are considered because this position usually happens to be the first point of contact within the organization – and what they want is to make the company appear to professional, approachable, and a place people want to do business with. The same way in today’s world a business website is what gives prospective clients and customers a first impression of what the organization is about.

Similar to how careful attention is paid to how you select your company’s front desk employees, it is vital to pay close attention to what your website may be saying to potential customers. Your website content is the ‘First Impression’ - It voices your company values, profile and the services provided and this sets the tone for the manner in which your company is expected to interact with customers with regard to all business matters in the future.

Five Tips to Revamping Your Existing Website

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2013-09-12

With most things, first impressions do matter. Just like with any business or shop front, the first impression a customer or client gets upon walking in can be the difference between them buying your product/service or looking elsewhere for it. Having an attractive, user friendly and relevant website is vital to staying ahead of you competitors. If your website is old, looking out dated and your site traffic is declining it may be time to invest in a website overhaul or face-lift so to speak. This week’s blog post covers some key points to consider when updating your old website.

5 Online Marketing Tips

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2013-09-03

Online marketing provides companies and businesses an opportunity to market and advertise products or services offered by them over the internet.

Over the last few weeks we have posted some useful online marketing tips on the Web Choice Online blog, this post is a summary of those tips.

The nature of the internet with its vast number of users is such that it provides a wide reach for marketing. In addition to the large audience, your online marketing strategies can be specifically targeted to an audience based on various other statistics such as geographic location and keyword trends. This way your business can connect with the desired target audience more efficiently as well as effectively.