How to Start a Blog - The 5 Main Steps

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-03-27

A blog is an online webpage or website through which you share information in the form of posts. A blog has now evolved into more than just a way to express your ideas, opinions and skilled knowledge. Individuals as well as businesses now make use of blogs to make updates about their company work, promote a product, create brand recognition and build a following to eventually generate traffic to their business websites. Getting started with a blog is relatively easy and is good way to start promoting your business, start discussions and create awareness, below we discuss the main steps involved in setting up your blog for the first time....

5 Simple Secrets to keep your website ahead of the competition

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-03-21

As the number of users on the internet continues to increase at an exponential rate the world of online business is also developing equally fast. The online marketplace is now larger than ever and more and more businesses are creating an online presence to tap into this market. This boom in online business presence is resulting in more people doing their shopping and finding services over the internet too, which means that online sales will only grow further. This kind of growing market means that you must try to keep your website always one move ahead of your competition so you can tap into this new wave of online shoppers with success. Below we discuss some tips to keep your website one step ahead...

How to turn visitors to your website into customers:

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-03-18

The main purpose of a business website is to be able to convince a visitor to the site to make a purchase or contact you for more information about a service that you offer. If your website is not capable of converting these visitors it could mean that you are spending thousands of dollars on advertising and still not get a sale. The key point to help improve a websites rate of conversion is its relevance to the interests of the people visiting it, and how well the website addresses a visitor's requirement. Below we discuss some ways to improve your website as a whole so that you can improve the conversions that you gain through it:

Know Your Customer & Give them what they want:
If you don't know much about your customers or what they expect to receive from your business then you won't have a chance of keeping their attention online for more than a few seconds. The attention span of users on the internet is anyway very small, and the average time spent on a website is usually under a minute, hence you must be able to effectively communicate with them within this timespan. To have an optimal design it is very important to consider who you are designing the website for and what they will want to do on the website.


How Google Analytics Can Help Maintain & Improve Your Website:

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-03-07

Website analytics in general is what the name suggests; it is an analysis and breakdown of data relating to your website. Website analytics provide you with very useful insights into the way your website runs. Information such as the number of people coming to your site, where they are coming from, how they found you, their locations, the search terms they used, what they are looking for on your site, which pages they look at, the path they take and at which point they leave.  

There are a variety of analytics software available on the market but the most popular one is Google Analytics. In addition to being a free software Google Analytics is also very reliable, accurate and quite user friendly. Initial set up of the software may require the expertise of a web developer, but once the analytics tracking is set up it's a matter of logging into the Google Analytics system online and monitoring your website statistics.

Analytics is the most effective way of identifying whether your website is performing its job correctly and at its optimum. To put it simply Google Analytics can be used to get more customers by monitoring how visitors react to your website and making changes accordingly to give them what they want. 

Why create an online presence for your business?

By Shan Balasuriya Posted Date: 2014-03-03

The internet is the number one place that people go to get information, in today\'s world if people want to quickly find out about something the first place they would look would be the internet. There is well over a billion users on the internet and this number just keeps multiplying day by day. If you are running a small local business chances are there are people amongst the community that are already talking about it online. An online presence for a business is a very powerful marketing tool, an ideal communication platform, creates cost-efficiency within your business, and is environmentally friendly. Having a good business website is a sign of professionalism and is something customers would expect to be able to look to so they can learn more about your products or services.