Starting an online business - The how to guide!

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-10-09

How to start an online business

When it comes to starting an online business there are overall set of strategies to execute in order to ensure its success. Many people have been able to start and grow and online business by making use of the steps outlined below. Anybody from a new entrepreneur to a veteran can make use of this process to ensure success:

  1. Find a need and provide the solution: A lot of people thinking of starting an online business tend to look for a product they can sell first and then a market to sell it to. This is not the best strategy; instead it’s always best to start with identifying the market. Find a group of people who are searching for a solution to a problem and can’t seem to find it. Make use of social media and online forums to see what questions people are asking for and what they are looking for. Perform keyword research to figure out what people are actually searching for. Identify and check your competitors’ websites, take note of what they are doing to fill the demand (or solve the problem their customers face). Find out what they are doing to make themselves stand apart from the rest. Once you have all this information you can use it to create a product for a market that already exists and do it better than all the competition...

How to protect your business from cyber-attacks in 2017

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-10-02

How to protect your business from cyber-attacks in 2017

With the increased dependency of businesses on the internet and online services, the vulnerability to cyber-crime is also increased. Hackers and online criminals are finding more innovative ways to steal data, scam and even hold information hostage from businesses in order to get a quick payout.

As a small business that operates using online services and stores data on the cloud it is essential to have measures in place in order to protect your business. If you become a victim of cyber-crime it can negatively impact your day to day operations, destroy your brand reputation while also affecting your bottom line in addition to other losses that could be incurred.

Discussed below are some useful security tips to protect your business and its data from online criminals...

The must have features of a mobile responsive design in 2017:

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-09-25

Mobile Responsive Design Features

The use of smartphones and mobile internet has been increasing steadily over the last few years. The Deloitte mobile consumer report at the end of 2016 showed that 84% of Australians own a smartphone which is an average of about 16 million smart phone users. In 2017 this number is set to rise, which means it is absolutely essential that every business with an online presence must consider mobile device compatibility in order to remain relevant.  

In addition to making your website mobile friendly (which is now a basic standard), you can make use of some good features of mobile responsive design in order to stay ahead of the competition. Discussed below are some of these great responsive design features you can use...

How user experience (UX) can be improved by better navigation:

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-09-18

Improve UX through better navigation

It is common knowledge based on a variety of research conducted that the attention span of the average website visitor is only a couple of seconds (generally under 30 seconds). This means that website visitors expect to be able to quickly find the information they are looking for otherwise they will drop out (known as a bounce). A lost website visitor could have been a customer and is a missed opportunity of a sale.

Intuitive and user friendly navigation is absolutely essential in ensuring that a website visitor is able to find what they are looking for with ease - giving them a smooth transition between pages and content. When ‘navigation’ is mentioned a majority would think of just the menu in the header of a website, but navigation comprises of a visitors entire journey between pages and content on a website. A website navigation that is carefully planned can result a significantly improved user experience (UX) and a potential increase in conversions too.

Discussed below are some best practices and things to consider when planning your business website navigation...

What is mobile responsive design & why your business needs one?

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-09-12

Why Responsive Web Design?

Traditionally to cater to the large mobile user base, a website would have a separate mobile version of it designed. This involved building a mobile website that looks and feels like the desktop one but with a unique layout designed for tablets and smaller screen devices such as phones. These mobile sites were then hosted on sub-domains which the user would be re-directed to depending on what device they are accessing the website from (example:

This way of serving mobile websites was not ideal and resulted in many issues such as...

How you can make your business website stand-out!

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-09-05

How to make your business website attractive

Any company building a new business website wants their new website to stand-out in comparison to their competitors. As a business owner or marketing manager, you want your website to capture the attention of your potential customers and be something they remember.  Although a website must be unique and stand out, it does not necessarily mean that it should be completely different from the rest. Sometimes a site that feels the same (and works the same) as many of the others can get the results you want, which isn’t a bad thing.

You can still create business websites that capture the eye, stand-out and are simple to use (maybe even keeping familiarity of navigation from an existing design). Discussed below are a few tips on how you or your web designers can make your business website more attractive...

How Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Can Affect The Future of Business:

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-08-29

The future of AR and VR for Business

A term that’s gaining a lot of traction and heard increasingly often is Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). The reason for this is because AR & VR are the next phase in the technological advancement that we have achieved. Similar to the smartphone when it first came out, AR/VR tech will start to change the way we do business and interact with the world on a daily basis.  This is the future of technology so it is essential to understand how it can impact the way business is done in order to stay ahead.

What exactly is AR & VR?

AR & VR although usually discussed together have significant differences while also sharing similar features.

  • Virtual Reality – VR usually immerses the user in a virtual environment using a headset that essentially isolates you from the real world
  • Augmented Reality – AR on the other hand projects virtual objects and information onto the real world around you

Even though VR can give you the opportunity to create and explore any number of virtual worlds it is still restricted as far as the user is concerned. For instance the best VR systems (such as Oculus Rift) will not allow you to move too far away from the hardware, and even though there are less immersive options (with smaller hardware) for instance Samsung’s Gear VR, you wouldn’t generally be wearing one around while out and about.

AR on the other hand works while the user moves around relatively free, so information and objects are projected onto what you see. This can be done in a variety of ways for instance the mobile phone (how the popular Pokémon Go app works) or even cutting edge technology like the Microsoft HoloLens (which is a battery powered mixed platform with both AR and VR capabilities).

What impact does it have on business?

A 360 degree immersive experience can significantly change the way people do many things and can especially impact business in several ways. The rapid way that technology advances opens new opportunity for businesses. Just like the people who embraced mobile technologies and social media – businesses that become early adopters of AR & VR tech will be able to leverage this to stay ahead of the competition within their respective industries. Discussed below are some business uses of AR & VR...

Is A Do It Yourself (DIY) Website Right For Your Business?

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-08-21

A DIY website for your business

Your business website is usually the first point of contact for a customer – before they even call or visit your business they may look it up online to find out more about what you do and what you have to offer. The quality of your online presence (especially the business website) will reflect on what the customers will perceive about your business. Hence it is essential to make sure the website is up to scratch in providing a good image for your business.

The ideal way to do this would be to hire professional web designers and digital marketing agencies that can create a quality website as well as establish the perfect online presence for you. However, as a small business that is just starting up, this may be difficult to do, especially because of a limited budget available.

As a result of the limited budget, the next best thing would be a DIY website using one of the many website builders available today. The points below discuss how you can decide wither a DIY website is right for your business...

Using Instagram to market your business online:

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-08-15

Using Instagram For Marketing

Social media with its massive user base is now an essential tool for business and marketing. Being a platform where users are most comfortable, social media pages can be a great way to establish a more personal relationship with your consumers while providing them with the information on your latest products and services.

One such platform besides the most common one - facebook is Instagram. The biggest benefit of instagram is that it provides a visual impact and hence can be an especially effective tool if you run an e-commerce website or sell a specific product.

Although instagram can be a challenge to marketers since content can only be images or short snippets of video. It still has a high impact on lead generation and even conversion because consumers are more likely to be impressed by (and engage with) visual media than they would with text content...

What you can do to keep your website secure from hacking:

By Ish Naeem Posted Date: 2017-08-08

Keeping your website secure

As a business owner that relies on a good online presence or effective e-commerce website, there is nothing worse than being hacked. There a variety of hackers out there and in some cases a vulnerability in your website can result in loss of valuable data, your content being altered or deleted and even your business data being held for ransom (known as ransomware).

As a small business owner with a basic website you may be under the impression that your site has nothing worth getting hacked for, but websites big or small are compromised all the time. Most website hacks are not necessarily to steal data or vandalize your website but rather to use your server as a relay to send spam mail or set up a temporary place to share files (which could be of an illegal nature).  A lot of smaller hacks are automated using scripts that explore the internet to find websites with well-known vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Discussed below are some ways you can protect your website and prevent hacking...