Best Social Media Management Tools: Manual Posting vs Post Scheduling.


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Social Media practically reigns over the digital business world now. When the world first stepped into the digital business world, the methods we tried to use to get closer to the market are websites, emails and stuff? Remember? But that’s pretty much yesterday now, right? The digital markets are now ruled by social media, which is the bridge that connected people with the internet. Prove me wrong if you can. I bet you find at least 5 people who know Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or some other social media but nothing else about the vast worldwide web. Believe me. That’s how much of an impact social media has made on people. There are a lot of best social media management tools out there that encourages you to engage in social media actively.

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Business is where the Crowds are.

I needn’t tell you how much of an active user base Facebook has, do I? Why should I state the obvious! But did you know that 7 out of 10 Facebook users use the platform actively every day? That’s 70% of Facebook users. Read the article above if you want proof. Having your business’s presence on social media is important. really really really important. I’ll give you 2 (no, not 13) reasons why.

  1. It’s the largest market that can be reached and communicated with easily.
  2. All the other businesses are already there. You are nothing but a caveman of a business if you are not there doing active business.

I know what you are thinking now. “Who the hell is this guy talking to, because my business is already on social media.” Yeah. You’re right. But, are you? Are you really there? Read this and judge it yourself.

A daily kiss keeps the spark.

Free love advice! If you want to have a healthy relationship with your loved ones, you need to tell them or show them that you love them consistently. Daily or at least weekly. Because if you don’t, expect the flame to go down. (Read about how to survive your breakup somewhere else. Not here.) 

Yes. I’m trying to point out the importance of consistency in your social media engagement. You need to reach your fans, and potential leads consistently to keep them attracted to your business. If you don’t maintain consistency in your social media business presence, don’t tell me you are already on social media, because you are not.

Pick it up or Get it Delivered?

When it comes to maintaining consistency, you have 2 options. 

  1. Publishing your content manually every day.
  2. Scheduling all your content to be published automatically, using one of the best social media management tools.

I wanted to elaborate on this comparison, but I think the 2 points above says it all. Don’t you think?

But wait. before I drop the mic on that like a boss, we must discuss the pros and cons of each method. Here goes.

Manual Posting: Pros and Cons


  • You can keep your content more up to date because you are creating the content as you go.
  • You have the opportunity to take part in ant fash trends that might arise.
  • It’s a Free option.


  • You have to access your social media profiles manually and consistently to publish.
  • It’s hard to keep a proper consistency when you do it manually. (It’s not like you can keep an alarm to remind you).
  • You have to publish on each social media profile separately.

Post Scheduling: Pros and Cons


  • Consistency is maintained precisely.
  • You can easily maintain a special theme or a special series of posts.
  • You only have done it once (YODO! 😆) and it continues the publishing.
  • You can publish your content to multiple platforms at once.
  • No need to check if your posts are published on your profiles from time to time because the scheduler takes care of it.


  • A little disadvantageous when it comes to covering flash trends. (But that’s not a problem though).
  • You have to create a bunch of posts at once and schedule them. (You lazy head!)
  • Can be costly. But not always. There are good options for a free social media scheduling tool out there.

You know what I mean.

I think you have realised by now that scheduling your posts is a lot easier and more advantageous than manual publishing. So do you know what are the best social media management tools out there which you can use for social media scheduling? There are free social media scheduling tool options as well as paid ones. We’ll cover some good schedulers from both sides.

Our picks.

In our experience here at Web Choice Online, as the leading Digital Marketer out there (Bragging? But.. but it’s true.) these are our picks as the best social media management tools you can use to maintain a good social media presence for your business.

Social Pilot

social pilot best social media management tools

It’s a great platform to schedule your posts covering multiple platforms.

hootsuite best social media management tools
One of the most popular among the best social media management tools. It offers social media scheduling on multiple platforms, and also engage and interact with your social media profiles too.


Ideal for marketing agencies. Offers multi-platform scheduling.


One of the best social media management tools that come with a CRM too. Offers you to engage and measure, as well as publishing.

Greatly Social

This is your No. 1 choice for a free social media scheduling tool. It is completely free and offers multi-platform post scheduling.


A bit of a less popular option which is relatively new to the game. But still one of the powerful and best social media management tools we have witnessed. They offer affordable lifetime plans which are kind of a friendly alternative to a free social media scheduling tool.

Having a social media presence for your business is absolutely essential. And your presence needs consistency in your content in order to have a good reach to the markets. When it comes to the consistency you can maintain it in two ways. Manual Posting and Post Scheduling. The former is a hassle because you need to be engaged all the time. The latter is perfect to maintain consistency and saves a lot of time. There are many among the best social media management tools out there but we have a bunch of our favourite picks listed above.

Which scheduler do you like the most? Or do you prefer manual posting over scheduling? (How dare you!) Let us know.

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