Benefits of Landing Pages & How They Can Help Market Your Business:


Landing pages are specially designed pages that are focused on a specific product or service. Landing pages are generally designed with the main objective of capturing visitors’ information and in some cases converting them into sales. A good landing page is clear, informative and brief, generally landing pages present a set of points to visitors in an easy-to-absorb manner. To put it simply a landing page is sort of like a sales pitch, coupled with your marketing strategies it is something that can convert customers effectively online.

Unlike standard web pages, a landing page only focuses on one product or service, so the entire page is dedicated to it. This way when a visitor is on the landing page they are there for the sole purpose of learning more about the specific product or service and if interested they can proceed to make an inquiry or purchase

Discussed below are some of the main benefits of setting up and implementing landing pages:

Data Collection: Landing pages can be a very efficient way to log user information and build effective marketing databases. If you optimize a landing page to include forms and call to action buttons that trigger users to complete these forms then this data can be analysed to help better understand your target market. You can learn things about your target demographic such as location, age groups, social preferences, and even interests.

Better Metrics: A fully optimized landing page with Google Analytics integration can give your marketing team insight into what is effective for your business or product when it comes to lead generation and converting sales. Goals can be set-up within analytics to monitor the effectiveness of specific forms and call to action buttons on the site.

Advertising: Landing pages can significantly affect the success of your pay-per-click advertising efforts. Using a landing page as the target page within your Google Ad Words campaigns can help your Ad achieve better paid placement positions (because of better quality scores and relevance). They can also improve click through rates and help you see quicker conversions. Using this data to improve your ads can help you cut advertising costs as well.

A/B Testing: You can create multiple landing pages each with different designs, styling and content but focused on the same product or service. You can then track the success of each page to see which performs best. Using this method of A/B testing its possible for businesses to mix things up and see what works best for them in terms of improving goal conversions.

Improved Brand Recognition: Landing pages usually have all the information about a product or service on the one page. They must always include important elements like valuable customer testimonials, professional credentials as well as any awards and achievements your business may have with regard to the product. These things will help convince your potential customers about the quality of your product or service. It can also improve the trust they have in the brand.

Landing pages are not only important for pay-per-click advertising and SEO but must be made a part of your overall digital marketing strategy as it can play an important role in lead generation and sales conversions. Speak to one of our web design consultants today to find out how we can help you build an ideal landing page!

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