Australian Small Businesses are falling behind Online


A great majority of people have access to the internet these days. They check for reviews and compare products or business before they make a purchase or hire a business. Thus, it is crucial that businesses have a robust footprint online, so that they reach out to a greater number of customers and have a better brand image.

However, small businesses in Australia lack online presence. They are not much active on the internet as a business and do not have an online page or website of their own. In a research conducted by Australian Bureau of Statistics, shows that among businesses comprising of 0-4 people, only 36% of the businesses have an online presence. With the increase in the head count of employees, their probability of being active on the internet increased exponentially. If the number of employees were around 5-19, the chances of them being active online went up to a whopping 60% and for over 20 employees, it was found to be 80%.

Thus, despite a small team, it is important for businesses in Australia to establish themselves in the online space so that they gain popularity. In another survey, it was found that companies that have a website and web pages of their own enjoyed better trust from customers and a huge majority of customers said that they would prefer dealing with businesses that had an online presence.

Hence, it is essential that small businesses get more active in the online space and spread their reach to a greater audience. This is essential because internet is accessible very easily in Australia and companies cannot have any likely reasons for not being active in the online space. It would also serve as a great tool for companies to advertise their business.


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