7 Marketing Trends of 2022


digital marketing trends of 2022

They say light is the fastest. Huh! Try Digital Marketing Trends. If you are a marketer, you’d agree with me. The marketing tactics on digital space was grown and evolved rapidly during the past couple of years.

The world went through the horrific time of COVID-19 since 2020. And it still is going on. It caused countless damages to lives and livings. But on the flip side, there was one silver lining in it. The past couple of years has made the business and marketing world transform almost entirely to digital mediums. Digital Marketing became a common focus of companies so fast as they adapt to the new normal in business.

So what does this mean for the future of marketing? What trends are going to make the next revolution of marketing in 2022? What is going to make you capture the Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane markets, and even beyond to New York and Paris? We have compiled a list of the 7 biggest marketing trends for 2022, for your benefit (and for ours).

1. Social Responsibility will be a bigger requirement as well as product or service quality.

Whether it is by the pandemic or natural evolution of the world, people now tend to include social responsibility as a factor to choose a brand. With the broadened access to information, people can now look deeper into your business for its environmental impact and social impact. And they do before deciding whether to choose you or not. 

It is observed that people judge your brand nowadays on how you treat your customers, how you treat your employees, how you contribute to society and the environment, in addition to the product or service quality you offer.

The above video from Coca-Cola went viral and bagged 3.35 Million views since posting till now, earning them a huge brand awareness in the market.

2. Mobile Optimisation is #1 Priority

With each day passing by the usage of mobile phones for the internet is increasing while other mediums are gradually taking a downturn. As of 2021, more than 50% of web traffic has come from mobile devices. Therefore, it is absolutely key, to have your web pages and web content optimised for mobile devices, as well as other platforms.

3. Video will continue to take over, get shorter and more challenging.

Marketing through video content has been the most effective method for many years. And it still grows bigger. Sending out your message in the video format tends to grab the attention far stronger than other traditional digital marketing trends like blogging, and email marketing. 

But this doesn’t mean you can just turn your old content into a video and go rest. The video marketing trend is now taking a turn into shorter video clips. People tend to watch short videos over lengthy ones to be informed now. Therefore it is a challenge you must face, to say what you need to say in lesser duration of a video. If you want an example for this, TikTok would be the best we can give.

>> More: Read this Case Study on TikTok advertising by PepsiCo Australia.

short video is among the new digital marketing trends

4. Influencer marketing will have more ground.

While there are other digital marketing trends, influencer marketing is increasing its effectiveness and going to be even bigger in 2022. As of now, at the end of 2021, a lot of businesses seem to opt for influencer marketing over other methods.

@rybkatwinsofficialHow we feel everytime we order @menulog 🕺🏼😎 Comment your fav takeway! 🥗🍟🥤 #deliverydance #menulog #orderin #athome #snoopdog #ad♬ Did Somebody Say Menulog – Snoop Dogg

Take a look above at how Menulog harvested the advantage of Influencer Marketing with The Rybka Twins TikTok account during the lockdown in 2020.

But why is it better? Influencers have a large fanbase around them which the majority of it is assuredly active. And even better, they follow the influencer so whatever message they bring, people will be influenced by it more than you ever could. Plus, influencers are the masters of social media platforms since they are dedicatedly active in them, so they may know how to do marketing on it better than you do.

5. SEO will continue to reign over web search.

The competition of brands on the internet is becoming tougher with each second. Everyone wants to appear higher and be more discoverable in Google search results. So applying the mastery of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to your website and web pages can do a lot. 

Appearing higher on Google search result pages will grab the market that already seeks your product or service. But performing SEO is not that easy as it used to be. With Google’s updated (and updating) algorithms, SEO is tougher and more challenging than before. Therefore, a lot of businesses are now taking the service of SEO Experts for assured results.

6. Keep Blogging. It still works great.

If you think the rising of many other digital marketing trends will trump the long ruled method, Blogging, you are mistaken. It is still going to rule the internet along with the other trends, even in 2022 (and even beyond we hope).

blogging still is high among digital marketing trends

Statistics show that Blogs still attract an interesting amount of web traffic, which means people are still reading them and counting on them. Want more proof? Look what you are reading now. But the challenges and the strategies that you may have to invest in it could have become harder than before. But it’s not that hard to catch on.

7. Inbound Marketing is better than others.

If you want people to engage with your brand, you have to give them a reason. You have to show your brand as more relevant and exclusive to your target market. (Unless you are from Coca-Cola or Woolworths. Then you are good to go.) Inbound Marketing will have a higher reputation in 2022. People always pay attention to content that is more relevant to them and tailored to their interests. Therefore, Inbound Marketing will be highly advantageous for growing businesses to increase their awareness and popularity in the market.

It’s the Best. But there’s more.

What you just read was the list of best digital marketing trends of 2022 that is going to lift your brand up on digital mediums. It doesn’t mean these are the only trends. There’s a lot more you can use and should use for marketing. But following these trends will be the most effective out of them. What do you think about these trends? Which ones are you going to utilise the most? All of them, or some? Let us know.

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