6 tips to help people move towards committing to buying


Generating purchase motivations is the bane of any digital marketing strategy. You perform actions that attract visitors to your website, they are interested in your products, they register in the newsletter, they even add your products or services to the shopping cart or they arrive at the contact page and, suddenly, they disappear never to return.


The truth is that when we prepare our online marketing strategies, the usual thing is to focus on generating notoriety and generating confidence in the lead with the hope that visitors will arrive and, with them, the orders.


However, it is often overlooked that the ultimate goal of our marketing actions is to get the sale and, to achieve this, we have to accompany the lead throughout the process and help them overcome an essential barrier: overcome the procrastination in making the purchase.



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And what is procrastinating?

Well, to procrastinate means to postpone, leave something for later which you could have done before, and is one of the most common behaviours that have to deal with to get the purchase action by our prospective buyer.


This procrastinating is something that we usually do when the task that lies ahead is one we do not like to do, it offers us many doubts or, simply, we do not fancy it in the least, and the specific reasons for this procrastination in the purchase can be many. That is why we need to generate purchase motivations to close sales and to make sure procrastination does not occur.


Some reasons why procrastination is generated are usually:


  • Serious doubts about what is the best alternative
  • Distrust towards the seller
  • The possibility of buying it cheaper in a while or later onwards
  • Not knowing if you will be able to use or assemble the acquired product
  • Wait at the end of the year to take advantage of the promotional actions that can be carried out by companies that have not reached their sales quotas.


So let’s get into the flour and we’ll see six guidelines that will help you overcome this procrastination in your customers and generate enough purchase motivations to close the sales for a greater number of visitors.


Guidelines that will help you generate purchase motivations

1. Facilitate the first purchase

The first guideline to generate purchase reasons is simple, facilitate the first purchase. If your customer has never purchased anything from you, the first thing you must do is to make it a heavenly experience for the customer to build trust.


If possible, motivate the purchase by offering a free sample of your product or service or offer a welcome pack at a symbolic price, thereby breaking the initial resistance.





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Example of purchase motivation

There is a television program in which two partners go around the United States buying antiques for their business and when they find a place with a lot of interesting content they look for a good product, they ask for the price and, if reasonable, they buy it without arguing.


For them, the most important thing is to break the ice and enter a dynamic in which the owner will sell them more items and, even, to be able to get a better price. You could tell me that this does not apply here since they are looking for suppliers, but the truth is that even a supplier is making a purchase for you. You sell money and they pay you with the product.


“A free product, a sample or a large discount on the first purchase are the best ways to generate purchase reasons if the user has not yet tested your product.”


Let’s get back to us. If you get your potential customer to buy an entry-level version for a fixed price or a freemium version, and these satisfy their needs and expectations, at least in an interesting way, you have a person much more inclined to a next purchase or contract to spend on the “premium” version of your service.


They know that they can expect a high-quality product or service from you, and even if your price is not the cheapest it is easier to continue with you. You have created an expectation and a relationship and that creates trust and undoes the reasons for delaying a further purchase.


Likewise,  supporting your proposal with social proof, the testimony of other satisfied customers with your solution, will help your customer make a purchase.

2. Remove the fine print

Another way to avoid the fears of your potential customers and encourage them to make the purchase is to eliminate everything that puzzles them, and nothing better to disconcert than the fine print of the contracts.


Therefore, the second aspect that you should consider within your online marketing strategy to motivate the purchase is to eliminate all the fine print of your contracts.


“Generate purchase motivations may not help us if we maintain obstacles like the fine print. Eliminate it to build trust and overcome that barrier. ”

Be clear and transparent with your clients

  • It makes clear what are the rights that the client will have, as well as their obligations. If it is a service, it explains in detail what this will consist of and if it is a product, what are the exact characteristics of it.
  • It also explains what are the different phases that will follow the purchase and shipment if any, as well as the costs of the latter, the process that should be followed in case of return and possible costs.
  • It also includes a list of frequently asked questions that you have been asked, or could ask you, your clients and prepares simple answers where you explain everything step by step. To help you with this you can ask your friends to consult your website, send your questions and verify your answers.


In this way, you reduce the client’s feelings of insecurity and “transfer control” by being able to easily verify everything they will receive and showing them what to do if what they receive is not in accordance with what was agreed.


With this, in addition, you are going to avoid a lot of calls, cancellations and complaints.



3. Create special campaigns with deadlines

Within this dynamic of encouraging decision making is the possibility of creating special offers. The problem with offers is that if you always have them. When they stop being offers and become the “official” proposal of your solution.


To avoid this, it is very interesting to take out really special campaigns, with a  clearly visible expiration date and to comply with it to the letter. In this way, you are appealing to their sense of loss to encourage them to make the purchase decision because they do not know if there will be a second chance.


And seasonal discounts or product change? If your sector is affected by the seasonality of the demand you can also take advantage of them to motivate the first purchase or decision making, however this type of routine campaigns are more thought to reduce stock (or save a season) by attracting more compulsive buyers (as in the case of Black Friday) who are focused only on the price.


4. Chase your customers and leads (with discretion)

It is quite common that someone is interested in a product or service of yours and then they leave and forget. What do you do in these cases? Well, help them remember and, for this, nothing is better than adding retargeting to your online marketing strategy.


What is retargeting?

For the retargeting (or remarketing) is to install a cookie (for example Adwords or Facebook Ads) in your visitor’s browser so that the corresponding advertising system knows what product or service was looked at.


In this way, when that same user visits websites that offer advertising space to that network you can send him ads specially prepared for him.


So, if you recently visited the page of a hotel, a software company or a fashion store and suddenly you see banners on all the websites you visited, don’t be paranoid. It’s just that those companies are using retargeting.


5. Retargeting as a shopping motivator

The great advantage of this type of techniques for online marketing is that it allows you to offer advertisement totally oriented towards the type of solution your client is looking for. Even if they do not know who you are, you know what they are looking for and you can wait where it appears to offer them much more effective publicity when it comes to making decisions.


The disadvantage is that if you do it too blatantly you can end up burning your potential buyer getting him to run away from you like the plague and not dare to enter your web anymore to avoid your persecution. For this reason, it is interesting to configure your ads so that they appear no more than three or four times a day.



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6. Check out abandoned shopping carts and new subscriptions

Another way to “chase” your customer is through the shopping cart or subscription newsletters.


If they have registered and have left the purchase halfway it is as simple as reviewing the remaining carts and sending personalized emails reminding them of the benefits of your proposal or offer, at random, a special offer. This will greatly increase the chances of completing the purchase by the customer.


And the subscription bulletins? Well, if your system allows it, the ideal thing is that each product page or landing page has a subscription form that adds the lead to a different list, in this way you know what your visitor was looking for when they decided to subscribe and, therefore, you have a clue about their interest and you can better personalize the email marketing campaigns.


“Generate purchase motivations by offering discounts to customers with the abandoned cart or offering them some other incentive”.


Summing up the purchase motivations

We have already seen that delaying the purchase, is one of the most important barriers that we must break down if we want to improve our profit account. That’s why, when you design your online marketing plan, verify that your actions accompany your leads throughout the purchase process, generating motivations and helping them to advance through it.


The best KPI of your digital marketing strategy is not the number of visitors, followers or mentions, but the conversion rate.


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