6 Steps to Starting an Online Business


Want to make money online and looking to start an online business? Well this weeks blog post is for you entrepreneurs out there. Today on the Web Choice Online blog we discuss 6 steps to starting an online business; The steps include firstly a good business plan, branding, building your business website, fresh content, online marketing & SEO and finally monitoring your website statistics using Google Analytics

    1. Create A Business Plan:
      It is important to properly analyse and plan out your business strategy. Think of what your online business is going to sell; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical product, it can even be something digital that can be downloaded such as an e-book or app. Once you have decided on what you are going to sell it is important to analyse the market and find a niche that you can compete in, like the price, a better quality product or better service. Do the necessary research to thoroughly understand your target market, visit online forums relevant to your product as well as check out competitors. Set out goals and a growth plan for the future of your online business. Marketing is a key aspect of any business and it is equally important to set up a basic marketing strategy at first about how you are going to let people know about the product and what you have to offer.
      Prepare an online business plan that will include your business goals, business model, growth plan, target market, income strategy, marketing strategy etc.


    1. Branding:
      Good branding is a fundamental aspect to any business or product, regardless of whether it is online or a storefront. Branding is not just about an attractive logo or name. It is about what arouses interest with the customer, it is about what the customer feels when they are interacting with your business or product. Ask yourself what impact your brand will have on the customer; will they associate it with quality and trustworthiness?
      A catchy name as well as an attractive logo and quality website are all things that must be taken seriously. But this does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars just to create a brand, be innovative with the brand name and find a good designer, there are plenty of quality designers and developers who will provide an excellent service at low cost.
    1. Make your website:
      Can you build your own website? Or can you save yourself the trouble and pay a professional web designer and web developer to build one for you? All this depends on the type of website you want to create as well as how unique you’d want it to be.
      Look at the design requirements as well as the functional requirements of your website. In most cases where the website is used for blogging or is a simple personal site, content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla can be used. But if your website is going to be a business website it is a much better option to go with a professional web designer to build your website as you will be able to customize every aspect of it to your requirement. With regard to e-commerce websites, a professional web developer will generally provide you with a CMS that has an order management system built into it. Although going with a web design company can cost you a little more it is usually the better option.
    1. Articles and Content:
      As good as your website design may be it is equally important to have the right content as well. It is very important to make sure that your website content engages the target audience whilst getting the message across. The key to having good content on your website is to provide your customers with information that they would find useful. The content of your website must inform and update customers about your product or service, help with user navigation as well as help with SEO when search engine crawlers go through it. Writing regular posts or articles with useful and engaging information can also help with SEO.
      Ultimately the goal of your website is to persuade customers to purchase your product or service and the content has a major role to play in this.
    1. Online Marketing and SEO:
      Investing all the effort into building a good website with great content will be pointless if there is no one visiting it. This is where search engine optimization and online marketing come into play, it is vital to make sure that people are able to find your website and know about the service or product you have to provide. Optimizing your website design as well as content so that the page rank with search engines will go up will ensure that your website will be shown for a set of targeted keywords.
    1. Using Analytics’ Reporting to Enhance and grow:
      After all the work building and marketing your website it is important to familiarize yourself with Google Analaytics – another great tool that can be used to monitor and gather useful activity data about your website. This information can be used to determine weaknesses in your website and analyse customer interactions. Combining your analytics data and online marketing information you can make updates to your website and help your business grow.

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