5 Ways to tell if your business needs new web hosting



5 Ways to tell if your business needs new web hosting

In the modern day web hosting is essential to any business especially if it’s one that operates online and requires the use of internet connected services. At first web hosting can seem like something simple like any other commodity such as water or electricity. However it is important to realize in order to obtain a high quality service with minimal downtime, web hosting requires a variety of facets working in harmony. When choosing a hosting provider compromising on quality for cost can have a negative effect on your business and services. Below we discuss some factors that can help determine if your web hosting is indeed doing good for your business or not.

  1. What is the reputation of your servers IP? If your server has been detected for sending spam mail (usually a result of mass email marketing campaigns) it is more than likely your server IP will get blacklisted. This is not good especially since it can affect services such as email deliverability and result in emails being detected as junk. The IP being blacklisted can also result in a loss of search rankings and negatively affect your Search Engine Optimization efforts.
  2. Who else uses the server? If you are paying a very low fee for web hosting with high bandwidth the chances are that your hosting provider has other websites hosted on the same server. This can impact the performance of your server, especially if the other sites are taking up majority of the server resources. It’s important to make sure your hosting provider has the necessary tools in place to limit the amount of power each individual client on the server has access to. This ensures a balance and optimal server performance for all clients.
  3. Website load speeds – The load speeds of webpages on your server can be a good indicator about the server’s performance. The website load speeds are important for a variety of reasons, primarily how it impacts user experience, people hate having to wait for websites to load. The PageSpeed Insights tool from Google, is great to check your websites load speeds and provide you with suggestions to improve it. The poor server performance can once again directly impact Google search rankings as a result of the slower website load speeds.
  4. What kinds of server side software are supported? The software required by some of your services may not be supported by your hosting provider. For instance your updated website shopping cart might require the latest version of PHP to run, however if your hosting provider does not support this then it can be a problem. Hence it is very important to check with your provider what software services are supported and if you can install your own ones.
  5. Decide between shared and dedicated hosting – If your business is an online shopping website and makes use of shared servers then during peak shopping seasons such as Christmas you might start to notice a drop in performance. This could be because your new shopping cart website needs more resources to function due the increase in the number of requests. A shared server means shared server CPU and RAM resources, hence a drop in performance.
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