5 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence


Although there is not much a digital marketer can do about the problems caused by changes to search engine and social media algorithms, there are improvements you can make to your overall online marketing strategy which can eventually impact your customers’ decisions.

Regular updates and tweaks to the online store or business website has become the standard response mechanism to keep up with search engine and social media algorithms in order to improve business. But creating an attractive online store or an eye catching e-commerce website and publishing fresh engaging content is just one piece of the digital marketing pie.

Businesses have to look at alternative ways to provide users with a reason to visit your website and purchase your products or service. This requires more than the standard SEO updates and strategies. Discussed below are five ways to improve your online business without relying solely on SEO and social media marketing:


  1. Improved Rich User Experience (UX): Customers online can be very picky and have little patience, they won’t like to wait for a website to load or spend time searching for something they can’t find within a few clicks. The average time a visitor spends on a webpage is generally between 30-60 seconds, so it is important to be able to capture their attention within that limited timeframe.User Experience is something that can have a huge impact on how visitors engage with your website and respond to what you have to offer. The information presented has to be easy to understand and navigate making it easier for the user to browse through and find what they need. Having a strategically placed call to action can also assist in converting those visitors to customers.
  2. Highlight and Showcase Premium Products: Online customers of late have become relatively lazy to browse products and also indecisive. They can’t sometimes be bothered choosing a product when they are presented with too many options.So rather than overwhelming your website visitors with too many options offer them a filtered selection of your best products. Have detailed explanations on what the advantages are of each product and tell them which one is best suited for their needs.
  3. Use Product Managers to Market Products: A majority of new businesses fail within the first 10 years, the cause of this failure is not always associated with a poor product or bad customer service, but can be a result of not positioning the product effectively in the market.To reduce such risks of failure it is vital to implement a product process framework which will be monitored by a product manager. The product manager will be responsible for identifying any a marketing barriers and hoops to jump through while finding solutions that are aligned with your business objectives. Product managers reduce the risk of failure and increase the efficiency of product development.
  4. Closer inter-departmental collaboration: Integrating your various departments into a team that works seamlessly can go a long way in achieving your business goals and improving your sales. Close collaboration between the various departments such as your product management team, digital marketing team, content writers and web design agency will ensure that you are delivering a good product and maintaining consistent brand recognition. In addition to this regular interaction and communication between departments can help your business identify and take advantage of new trends in each area of the business.
  5. Improve Your Data Protection: An increase in cyber-crimes such as identity theft and credit card theft, online businesses are urged to improve their server security in order to protect customer data. In addition to maintaining a secure website and protecting your customer and business data, having improved online security will give your business website a better reputation and increase trust with your customers.

The above points can help you target and market your products to the right audience while also improving your brands reputation.

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