5 Useful Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


Having a good online presence for your business not only depends on a quality website but requires a degree of strategic marketing too. There is no point having a high-end, professional website if people don’t know about it. There are many ways you can market your business on the internet including email-marketing and Google Advertising, however we want to talk about one that is quickly becoming the most effective and important form of online marketing today – Social Media Marketing.

Social media is something a majority of internet users interact with on a daily basis and there are so many different types of social media available too. The most popular ones with the largest number of users include, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. The first step to social media marketing is to create relevant business pages and accounts on these networks, and then start using them to interact with your customers as well as showcase your products or services. Social media is a great way to make people aware of what your business has to offer as well as your achievements. Regularly updating and posting will result in your pages being seen and interested people interacting with your posts in real time, this is a great way to improve brand recognition and generate traffic to your website.

Creating the social media pages is the simple part; the thing that most businesses have difficulty with is managing all these different social media pages on a regular basis. Hiring a dedicated employee just to look after social media can be considered unnecessary, instead you can use a variety of tools available to help you keep your business active on social media. These tools have been designed to simplify your social media marketing, some of which have been outlined below:

  1. HootSuite: This is another social media campaign management and analytics tool. Using HootSuite you can simplify your social media marketing as well as automate it to pre-defined schedules. HootSuite also has good analytics so you can track conversions and traffic as well as measure various campaign results. You can track metrics such as likes, shares, traffic sources and demographic. You can also use HootSuite to manage multiple social networks and schedule posts all using the same tool. This is a great tool to help increase your business page visibility and engagement on the various social media networks. HootSuite again has a free 30-day trial after which they have packages starting $8.99 a month.
  2. Feedly: Being on social media means you have to make posts that are relevant as well as interesting. The posts must give a reason for your target audience to interact with it or click through to your website, this means you need top quality content. A boring facebook page that does blatant selling/marketing is less likely to get followers than one that provides interesting and useful information. Feedly is a content discovery tool that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds so you can stay updated with industry relevant news and blogs. Feedly also provides users with an option to find content based on topics of interest, definitely a tool worth checking out.
  3. SocialCentiv: This is a tool designed to work with twitter and is a super way to find new customers. People not only use the platform to post random things, they also use the 140 character limit to post questions, or to get advice about products or services. This tool can be used to find relevant posts by using targeted metrics, and then these posts are marked so you can directly reply to customer. For instance you can search for tweets in a specific neighbourhood containing a specific word then directly reply to these tweets. This way you can help resolve a person’s query and maybe even convert them into a customer. This SocialCentiv is available for a 7 day trial period after which you will have to sign up.
  4. Buffer: This is a powerful social media management tool that provides publishing and good analytics. Using buffer you can send your updates and posts to Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn all through the one platform. You can also work with other members of your team to push the best content to your various networks. The other useful feature is the analytics you get about your posts, the integrated analytics tool helps you understand more about your social media posts, such as which ones work best and the most optimum times to post based on your audience.
  5. HashAtIt.com: Also known as the social network search engine, hashAtIt.com provides a great platform to see what is trending across different social media from the same place. Being aware of what people are talking about and what topics are popular is vital to marketing your service. Knowing the current trends is the way to learn how to make your product or service part of the trend. With HashAtIt.com you can search for popular tags and see relevant posts from a range of different social media, you can also filter these results too.


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