5 Useful SEO Tools to Help Optimize Your Small Business Website



If you have recently developed a business website for your company and are having trouble generating traffic and appearing on search engines, the SEO is the answer you’re looking for. Search Engine Optimization or SEO should be a business websites best mate. In addition to driving traffic to your website and improving search rankings, SEO can also help expand your business reach, build brand recognition and eventually generate leads resulting in more sales.

SEO is something that must be monitored and done over time, and requires a certain level of planning and expertise. If you are a small start-up business and can’t afford to spend much money on professional SEO services then it may be an option to consider doing it yourself. Although you’ll have to be tech savvy and a quick learner, the following SEO tools can help you understand what needs to be done. These tools can help you improve your website’s SEO:

  1. Google:  There is no better way to improve your SEO than consulting the master of all search engines – Google. Most website SEO is usually focused on improving rankings within Google and updating your website according to their crawler algorithms. As the most widely used search engine Google also provides a multitude of tools that can help you analyse and improve your website SEO:Google AdWords – Advertise on google to generate initial traffic, and to identify the right keywords to target.

    Google Webmaster tools & Analytics – Monitor your website statistics, get detailed reports on browsing data and get useful tips to improve website performance as well as ranking.

    Google Trends – Find the latest search trends and compare keywords to see what is popular on the search engine during a certain period.

  2. Moz Pro: SEO involves a lot of things besides just updating your website content, this includes online marketing and social media postings as well. Moz Pro is an inbound marketing tool that will let you track your website SEO, online listings, various social media, and content marketing all in one place. They provide you with useful analytics and reports that give insight into your website. It can also help you identify any website errors and offer suggestions for improvement.
  3. Ubersuggest: This is probably one of the most useful keyword suggestion tools available. Ubersuggest can help you do the keyword research you need and give you good target keyword ideas. The process is quite simple, all you have to do is start with a base keyword which you enter into the Ubersuggest tool and it will then provide you with related keyword based on real search queries that people make. Ubersuggest is a great way to start deciding on your keywords and help with the necessary research involved.
  4. AdWords & SEO Secretes (App):  New to the whole concept of SEO? not sure where or how to start? The AdWords & SEO Secrets app is what you need. This app offers a huge variety of resources that will enlighten you on the core principals of SEO and ways you can use it to increase traffic and revenue. There are many video interviews with SEO experts as well as good knowledge base that covers introductory topics and tutorials.
  5. HootSuite: SEO isn’t something you do just for your business websites, we must also consider social media marketing as it is major driving force in getting your content and website out there. Social Media is what people are starting to use for everything, for news on their favourite brands, updates about their friends and to provide recommendations and reviews. If you don’t get on the social media bandwagon now it might be too late. A social media management tool like HootSuite can help you monitor your social media traffic, track mentions of your business or brand as well as discover keywords in trend that are relevant to you.
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