5 Simple Secrets to keep your website ahead of the competition


As the number of users on the internet continues to increase at an exponential rate the world of online business is also developing equally fast. The online marketplace is now larger than ever and more and more businesses are creating an online presence to tap into this market. This boom in online business presence is resulting in more people doing their shopping and finding services over the internet too, which means that online sales will only grow further. This kind of growing market means that you must try to keep your website always one move ahead of your competition so you can tap into this new wave of online shoppers with success. Below we discuss some tips to keep your website one step ahead:

  1. Regularly Updated Relevant Content: It is very important that all the content on your website is updated regularly, a website with out-dated content will only reflect badly on your business. A potential customer will consider it to be unprofessional if they see content on your website that was relevant several months ago. Get with the times and make sure your content is what the visitors are in search of.
  2. Differentiate yourself from the competition: Find out what your niche is, what the unique selling point of your business is and put focus on marketing this. It is essential to give your potential customers a good reason to go with you rather than your competition, your website should focus on what the customer wants and on how you will provide this to them better than the competition. It could be a lower price, more flexible service or an after sales guarantee, which ever it maybe be sure the customer knows without having to ask what makes you different.
  3. Let them know what’s new with you: Set up a news forum or start a blog on your website to keep customers informed about your business. It could be about new products or services, seasonal offers, sales, upcoming events or just useful tips and other news, these are just ways to give your customers a good insight into your business as well as improve brand recognition.
  4. Target New Markets: Do research into your customers and try and expand your target market, this will help increase your sales, generate a new customer base and even spread your risk. If you haven’t started selling online already then get started now and if you are selling online, think of expanding to overseas sales and providing international shipping. One major advantage of running an online business is the fact that the whole world is your marketplace. However remember not to waste time and resources marketing to people who won’t be interested in your product or service.
  5. Make use of social media: Today social media and online marketing go hand in hand, social media creates a platform for you to interact with your customers in an environment that they are familiar with. Keeping a customer within their comfort zone and being able to market a product or discuss their concerns gives you a better chance of conversion. Not only does social media help improve your conversions but it also builds better brand loyalty and creates a more personalized communication with your customers.

In addition to the above tips it’s very important to research into your competition and see what they are doing that you can improve on. Also stay up to date with your industry specific developments, study consumer trends and invest in new technology to see how you can work towards improving your business. A business that plans ahead for growth is more successful than one that doesn’t look to the future.

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