5 Apps to Boost Business Productivity


As a small business owner when you go about your day to day business activities it is important to be able to increase efficiency wherever possible. Wasting precious time with the clutter of digital documents, emails and even the general organization of certain tasks is not something you can afford. Today there are plenty of mobile apps designed for both android and apple devices that can help streamline your business operations.

Today we discuss 5 mobile apps that can save you time and help you stay organized, these software solutions will no doubt help boost your business productivity:

  1. SignEasy: This app can be used to sign documents on the go simply by using your finger or a stylus. You can sign a large variety of document types from standard word documents, PDF’s and even JPEG files. You can receive documents sign them and send them securely or even upload them directly to Dropbox. Not only does this app help save paper, it also saves time allowing you to avoid the hassle of printing documents to just to sign, scan and re-send them. The best part is the app is completely free!
    Cost: FREE (Available for both Android and Apple devices)Link: getsigneasy.com
  2. Basecamp: One of the best cloud based project management tools on the market, basecamp is available for the PC and also as dedicated mobile apps. This app will keep all team members of a project synced up, you can post new tasks, mark them as completed, add milestones, manage time lines and coordinate with your teammates. It’s the perfect app to reduce stress and help keep projects properly organized even when you aren’t at the office. The only downside with basecamp is that it requires and internet connection to use.
    Cost: from $20/month (free 60 day trial available)Link: basecamp.com
  3. LogMeIn: Another brilliant free app that can provide you remote access to your Mac or Windows PC directly from your iPhone or iPad. This app is ideal if you’re regularly on the move and need to be able to access documents or launch applications on your computer. A great free app loaded with functionality.
    Cost: FREE (Available for both Android and Apple devices)Links: Android and Apple
  4. LucyPhone: We all make calls to customer service numbers often and one thing everyone hates is being put on hold for ages before you can speak to someone. With this ingenious app you don’t have to wait anymore. Simply search LucyPhones directory of customer service numbers and use the app to place the call, if you’re put on hold all you have to do is press ‘**’ .  LucyPhone will disconnect you from the call, but as soon as a customer service agent comes back online, LucyPhone will call you back and reconnect you with them helping you avoid the annoying wait.LucyPhone works with any toll-free customer service numbers too.
    Cost: FREE (Available for both Android and Apple devices)Link: www.lucyphone.com
  5. HipChat: This tool available on both the apple and android platforms helps make it easy for your entire team to communicate with each other regardless of where they may be located. In today’s world we have people from different locations that may be working on a single project and with HipChat everyone can stay on top of things and be connected.  You can have group discussions or even one on one chats all properly organized, especially designed for business.
    Cost: FREE (basic app is free, but if you want additional features like screen sharing and video chat its only $2 a month per user.)Link: www.hipchat.com
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