3 Overlooked Tips For E-commerce Profits



Ecommerce is continuing to explode in 2019 with the Australian ecommerce market generating over $11 billion in revenue in 2018. This is a make or break it time for businesses as more customers make the switch towards shopping and purchasing online.

If you are looking to get involved and launch your first ecommerce business there are some often overlooked steps that go into the creation of a successful online shop. Overlooking these details is the equivalent to taking a shot in the dark leading to missed opportunities and income.

So, make sure you follow these 3 overlooked tips for ecommerce success.


1.  Take Your Time Launching. 

Many first time ecommerce entrepreneurs are excited to get into the online market and start making big profits right away. This is understandable but in order to be successful you have to be strategic about how you launch your business. The launch sets the tone for your business and you only get one shot. Ensure you have planned out your content, what products you are offering, understand your target market and marketing plan going forward before you present your ecommerce store to the world.

“The launch sets the tone for your business”


2.  It’s About The User

It’s easy to forget about people when you are working behind a laptop. Running a successful ecommerce will give you great freedom but you must remember that this success is founded upon delivering real value to real people. Some great ways to optimise your site for people and avoid abandoned carts are free shipping, fair prices and integrating the latest simple checkout carts. However give people an experience as close to the real thing as possible by ensure you provide great photos. Think about communicating the feeling and touch of a product through detailed product shots and great videos.

“success is founded upon delivering real

value to real people”



3. Test, Test & Test Again.

Testing is the key to supercharging your ecommerce store. Make sure that you test features before and during your launch. This could mean simple functions like how easy it is to find, select and purchase a product, this is the main thing customers will be doing so it’s important to make this as easy as possible and testing will expose any problems with the flow. After launch use Analytics tools to A/B test products and features, find out what your customers are gravitating to and focus your efforts on these items.

“Testing is the key to supercharging

 your ecommerce store”

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