10 interesting things you can do with Google & Some of Googles hidden secrets:


Google is the place most of us turn to when we want to find something on the internet. Several billion searches are made on Google each year, but a majority of users wouldn’t have known Google can do a lot more as well as provide delightful bits of hidden entertainment. Google developers and engineers have hidden a few cool features within Google, in terms of more detailed searches and just having a bit of fun. We discuss some of these little useful tricks below:

Note: Before trying out some of the neat tricks that Google can do you might want to turn off the ‘Google Instant Predictions’ feature this is so that you can use the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ option as well as enter search criteria completely before Google generates a result. (More info on how you can turn instant predictions off can be found at the end of the article)

    1. Check accurate flight status: Suppose you want to find out the status of your flight or even the flight details of your loved ones, but you don’t want to have to go to all these various flight tracker websites that can be unnecessarily complicated. Google has made this easy! Simply type in the flight numbers or the ‘to’ and ‘from’ location and watch Google work its magic. You will instantly be shown accurate flight information right in your search results, with details like scheduled departure and arrival times as well as information about the terminal and gates. The best part is it works on any device, just go to the Google home page and search.

2.Make site specific searches: Do you want to search for something on a specific website rather than searching all the websites Google has indexed? All you have to do is use the             format “site:[website] [search term]” when doing a search. For example “site:webchoiceonline.com.au building websites” will return results from only our website with everything related to the keyword ‘building websites‘.

    1. Use Google as a timer: just tell Google to set a timer to whatever you want and watch as Google shows you that timer. This ideal for when you’re working on something on a computer and would like to set a quick timer to schedule tasks. Another way Google can make life easier.

    1. Make Google do some neat tricks: Ask Google to ‘do a barrel role’ or find out how Google would be when slightly tipsy by searching ‘askew’, even watch how gravity would affect Google simply through the search bar by typing ‘Google Gravity’ and hit the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button.


    1. Find out about any company: Want to do a quick bit of research to learn more about a certain company? just ask Google

    1. Use Google to convert any metric and do language translations:  Want to convert inches to centimetres or even miles to kilometres, simply type it into Google and get the results. What if you’re travelling and want to try and communicate with the locals, with Google there’s no need for bulky translators just type into Google and it’ll give you a quick and easy translator to work with.


    1. Google’s reverse image search: Ever seen a photograph somewhere either on facebook or on a website and you’ve wanted to know where it originates from? Or you’ve seen a picture of some yummy food and want the recipe to make it but don’t know what it’s called? The Google reverse image search can now give you the answers. All you have to do is go to the Google image search page and drag the image you want to use into the search tool, Google will help you find the original source of the image.

    1. Use Google to calculate tips: In some countries (such as the US) although not mandatory tipping is considered common etiquette and is expected in most cases, especially at a sit-down restaurant. With Google you can now calculate tips accurately and with ease.

    1. Play the hidden games like ‘atari breakout’ and ‘zerg rush’: Type ‘zerg rush’ or ‘atari breakout’ into Google and watch your search window as it transforms into the interactive games. Could this be another way to procrastinate at work, thanks to Google?

    1. Ask Google answers to the interesting questions: use Google to get the answers to the hard questions in life, like “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything” or what “once in a blue moon is”. You can even try to ask Google where Chuck Norris is.

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